Jonghyun x Inspiration Concerts Fan Account

Okay everyone! This is a call for you go get a snack, a beverage, a pillow if you need it to scream into. I went to all three performances of Jonghyun’s concert this weekend and this is gonna be long but organized into three parts. Part 1 is the Set List. Part 2 is each concert performance. Part 3 is the concert as a whole. This was also my first official just SHINee related performance since moving to South Korea. Let’s get started, shall we?

Part 1: Set List

I noticed this on the first night that the set list was designed in a way that shows both a sensual and sexual side of Jonghyun. I will go into that more in part 3 because this concert was very cohesive and this one fit unit. So this is what I have assigned to each song in the set list [in italics]. Some songs I am still very much in a ???? state because reasons. And just by looking at this, I can tell why this concert was 15+ for some “exposure.”

  • Inspiration [sexual]
  • Moon [sexual]
  • Dress Up [sexual]
  • Red [sexual]
  • Aurora [VCR] [sensual]
  • Playboy [mirrors] [sexual?]
  • Orbit [sensual]
  • Neon [sensual]
  • Fine [sensual]
  • MENT
  • Breathe [sensual]
  • Love is so Nice [sensual]
  • Love Belt [duet with Shawols] [sensual]
  • MENT
  • Gloomy Clock [with hand bells] [sensual]
  • End of a Day [sensual]
  • Suit Up [VCR] [destruction]
  • Hallelujah [sexual]
  • Cocktail [belt dance] [sexual]
  • Mono-drama [mirrors] [sensual]
  • MENT
  • Beautiful Tonight [kazoos!] [sensual]
  • Young and Rich (?) [VCR] [?????]
  • White T-Shirt [cart] [hype song]
  • She Is [hype song]
  • Like You [hype song]
  • Deja-Boo [duet with Shawols] [hype song]


  • Crazy [bass] [sexual?]
  • 02:34 AM [sensual]
  • U&I [hype song]
  • Warm Winter [sensual]

The count:

  • Destruction: 1
  • Sexual: 8
  • Sensual: 13
  • Hype Song: 5

Try to keep this in mind for the next however long it takes you to read this.

Part 2: Concerts

I’ll be talking more about the songs with Day 1 more than Day 2. Day 1 was a long one because I needed the concert goods. I got to the venue around 5:37 am and was one of the first 200 in line. Sales started at 10 I got my goods shortly after 11 am. I bought the light stick (finally I feel officially a Shawol), the hand bell, the black coffee mug because aesthetic, and the photo book which is basically a constant attack from Jonghyun. WHO GAVE YOU THE RIGHT SIR????

The concert was supposed to start at 7 but it started late. They were playing SHINee songs, naturally, and the lowered the lights a little bit when they started Tell Me What To Do in which every one of us Shawols started doing the fanchant. I was in section A for this concert and in the second to last row but I was able to see everything. There were two males sitting in front of me. I had no idea if they were fans or not but they were super surprised when everyone started screaming the moment the first VCR started. Jonghyun shirtless, chained in a cage. HEY NOW! HEY NOW! THIS US WHAT DREAMS ARE MADE OF! I mean…

The overall description of this concert can be summed up as this: WHO SAID THIS WAS OKAY KIM JONGHYUN?????? Seriously. None of this was okay but all of it was okay. So much screaming happened from me and everyone around me. I may or may not have said “have my child out loud” at one point but I was honestly in a daze the entire concert.

Time honestly stood still for the entire concert. The first MENT was nine songs in. By then I was already a shadow of my former self. Inspiration left me gasping for air. Rap God Jonghyun is a thing and I have lived. Moon had so many body rolls that I was literally getting angry at a person’s chest. Dress Up’s choreo was so lit and then at the end he threw off his shirt like OKAY. OKAY JONGHYUN. YOU DO THAT! He put it back on again for Red but still. STILL. The amount of times he also basically had moments with the stage were endless. You know those dance moves some members of EXO do at their concerts that leave EXO-Ls in a mess of emotions and shouting “no” the entire time? Yeah. Jonghyun did that. To quote a message I sent to a friend back home “it was like sex on the stage.” Pretty much up until the MENT I was having a hard time even functioning. Playboy live was beautiful. THE MIRRORS! I am a sucker for mirror related dances since I watch way too many dance related shows and they just make me so emotional.

Jonghyun singing Breathe wrecked me something fierce. It’s one of my favorite songs to have come out this year and hearing Jonghyun sing a song that he wrote that is a different person’s song but is still Jonghyun’s song left me in a state of emotions. Also, singing Love Belt with Jonghyun was just a beautiful experience. Shawols are just so wonderful. Then there was the music lesson that was Gloomy Clock. All of us who had hand bells started ringing them out loud and Jonghyun showed us what he wanted us to do. [SM, please let Music Class with Jonghyun be a thing because I would be there every day. MUSICALLY GIFTED KIM JONGHYUN!] After End of a Day, in which I and several others were in a “sigh, why are you so wonderful?” mood, Suit Up began.

How do I even begin to describe Suit Up? I’m gonna save that for part 3. After being left frustrated, the next song began and from the first note I started screaming. I could tell it was Hallelujah right away. This song happens to be my favorite solo Jonghyun song after Diphylleia Grayi [side note: if this song had been sung at the concert, you would have been able to hear my tears]. I started crying right away. This song is an experience. Like oh my. I still can’t even figure out the right words for this song and I saw it three times. THANKS FOR LEAVING ME SPEECHLESS JONGHYUN.

Next was Cocktail and oh boy. OH BOY. The song is already one of my favorite songs but after this weekend it is up there because two words: BELT. DANCE. The lights dimmed and you could see Jonghyun put his hands at his waist and undo his belt in the shadow and the sounds that came out of my mouth were not even human. And the chant was next level. How he was moving with the belt….sdjkbhjkdfh;kjasdjhdsajk.

Mono-drama was just simply gorgeous. THE CAMERA WORK! Then came the MENT in which everyone basiclaly shouted about kazoos. This song literally confirmed my theory that Shawols are just really talented.

Now it’s time to mention Young and Rich. The VCR was really funny and I mean I was busting a gut until that part happened. Yeah. I was disappointed and I knew it was gonna cause a lot of controversy right away.

Right after the VCR was White T-Shirt which is so underrated. I turned and saw that he was on the cart and my first thought was “Of course there is a cart. It wouldn’t be a SHINee related concert without a cart.” He went right past my section and I felt blessed. The cart would bless me again on Day 2 for two different reasons.

She Is was amazing. Just amazing. The fanchants were HUGE and loud and so wonderful. It basically was at that level until the concert ended. Also, singing Deja-Boo with Jonghyun was a blessing and a treat and I really love that song.

The concert ended and we all sat down and started chanting Kim Jonghyun over and over again since we knew there was going to be an encore. The fan project was for Crazy and we were ready for it. We heard a bass guitar start and the stage opened and that was when I lost it. I went from sitting to standing to falling down in under a second because KIM JONGHYUN WAS PLAYING THE BASS GUITAR. I have a lot of feelings about pre-debut Jonghyun and his bass playing. Like, I could write an essay about my feelings for bass player Jonghyun. He looked so happy playing the bass. SO. HAPPY. Like sense of euphoria happy.

Of course, during the encore section he started crying since he’s Jonghyun and get emotional about everything. He was talking about how it’s nearly ten years since he and SINee debuted and how he wants to be with them forever and all the related things. By this time, I’m crying because if he cries, I cry. Warm Winter, which left me a mess, finished and he was saying his good-byes and we started shouting Kim Jonghyun but he fixed it for us by telling us to shout SHINee. SHINee members are truly the biggest Shawols.


Day 2 was double concert day. I got to the venue around 1:30 pm to pick up my ticket and then went in. I was in section J this time and close to the stage and had a great view of the middle stage. So while everyone else was watching the Inspiration VCR, my eyes were directed at the cage. I had to see him be put into the cage. He owns being shirtless and it’s beautiful. Section J was also where he exited the the cart. The afternoon concert was much more mellow in my opinion, probably because a lot of us were so tired from being there the day before. During Gloomy Clock, my section only had a few hand bells but we rocked it.

It was during one part of the concert when I turned and looked towards section A when I realized something odd. There was a row of males wearing masks, hats, and hoodies trying not to attract attention to themselves. This already attracted attention because the majority of the audience were female. Huge shout out to the fanboys in the audience though that afternoon, including the biggest one, Go Youngbae. Instantly I knew it was NCT over there, failing at the light sticks. It’s okay babies. You’re still getting used to this. It was also confirmed after the concert that some of the members were there.

After the concert finished, everyone was forced to use the bathrooms down below towards the field. I walked down towards the field when I saw some walk from that area. I heard four girls gasps and the man literally ducked his head down. Hi Go Youngbae! He wouldn’t have been noticed if it wasn’t for the fact that everyone needed to use the bathroom and you could only use the one bathroom outside. I am so excited to hear his thoughts about the concert on Blue Night this week.

The evening concert was incredible. Everyone was into it. The moment the lights went down, everyone was already in the zone. For this concert I was in section C. THREE ROWS FROM THE AISLE WHERE THE CART WOULD BE. THIS IS WHAT DREAMS REALLY ARE MADE OF. The girl next to me was adorable. She was so into the concert. We were also pretty much jumping the gun before Jonghyun could show us how to do the hand bells or kazoos. Right when Love Belt finished, all of us got out our bells and started ringing them. Most of us had bene there all weekend. We knew what was next.

I was mostly focused on Jonghyun for this show until I looked over towards section A again and noticed a male sitting down with very handsome hair, a wonderful jawline, and resisting the urge to stand up because if he did, everyone would know who he was. Oh Minho. The girls in that row noticed it was him as well and were helping him during Beautiful Tonight since he started holding the banner we were given for later. He’s so adorable.

During one of the MENTs, Jonghyun called out to see if there were any boys in the audience. There was one in section B who literally jumped up and down and shrieked. Everyone near section A started pointing towards Minho but he was telling them to stop. During Young and Rich, which by now we were singing the song, I kept watching Minho for his reaction of the height part. IT WAS PRECIOUS. Minho blew his own cover during White T-Shirt. Jonghyun came out on the cart and I started mentally preparing myself for my death. I’m lowkey glad he did not give me eye contact because I would have fallen down and just sobbed. Minho stood up finally and he’s so tall. Minho was pretty much the biggest Shawol in the room at that point holding his two light sticks in the air with pride and doing the chants with us. When the cart reached his section, Minho climbed the rail to let Jonghyun know he was there. Jonghyun literally stopped for a section. SHINee supporting SHINee is EVERYTHING!

Basically I spent the rest of the concert watching Minho and also Jonghyun. Minho was so confused at parts of the concert since we knew what was next. He also was super confused for 02:24 AM. Oh honey. Bless you.

Warm Winter was beautiful this night. Jonghyun got emotional from the very start and was crying. It got to a point where he was crying so much he just stopped singing. The band stopped playing so he could collect himself again. We started yelling “it’s okay” and “we love you” as he wiped away his tears. Everyone around me, including me, was crying as well.

He ended Warm Winter and started his goodbyes and we were all kinda just speechless. Jonghyun started leading us in the “SHINee” chant, leading us back to reality. We chanted, waved, he waved, and then was gone. It was done.

Part 3: Concert as a whole

Last part. The concert as a whole was just beautiful. It was a journey. Jonghyun is very much into aesthetics and you could tell just from the banners that this concert was going to be both sensual and sexual. It was a beautiful blend of both while showing us a side of Jonghyun that was something we haven’t really been shown yet. It was also 15+ for some “exposure” but there were a lot of undertones in the performances. The Inspiration VCR and performance literally left me a destroyed mess and I am so excited we’re getting a Station release out of this song because his rap. Jonghyun rapping is everything to me. As his him playing the bass. I’m so excited to see the video of the song as well. It’s a different side of him and I really enjoy that side???? Like I really do.

I also loved that fact that there was a band. The band made this concert be the way that it was. They were able to make the concert have both the sensual and sexual feel. I’m a sucker for bands and Jonghyun’s style is different form SHINee as a whole. Who do I have to talk to for Jonghyun to have a collab with Lee Jonghyun with Kim Jonghyun playing bass? Because this is something the world needs and not just me.

Now, Suit Up. Time to tackle this. This was…a destruction of my soul. This VCR right here is one of the reasons the concert was rated 15+. I really can’t explain the emotions I went though. I was mostly frustrated because this VCR is literally him teasing us. We’re talking clothes being taken off and shower scene. I’m so glad he was wearing a bow tie and not a neck tie because I would have been even more so a mess. I have never been so frustrated over a video in my life yet here I was on Saturday literally covering my mouth the entire time. I think this video literally caused every Blinger in the audience to contemplate their life. I won’t be able to recover from this for a while I think.

Finally, this concert made me think that we are just seeing what Jonghyun can do. He’s so artistic. He performed songs from Blue Night and his albums. He thinks very instrumentally and when he speak from the heart, it’s like a poetic philosopher. He’s someone who thinks deeply and you can tell. His apology over the VCR was right from his heart. He addressed it directly and didn’t wait for SM to handle it. While SHINee as a whole literally shines the brightest, Jonghyun has started to make a name for himself outside of his members while always staying true to SHINee [if that makes sense??? No one stans SHINee more than SHINee]. I’m so excited to see what else he can do in the future. This is only just a beginning in my opinion. After this weekend, I pretty much was reconfirmed of my love for Jonghyun. He’s just so…words don’t do justice. They just simply do not.

TL;DR: KIM JONGHYUN [sobs into pillow forever]