You Say You Want To Be Happy, But Be Honest: You Want To Be Wealthy
Ester Bloom

I agree with your quibbles. And mostly I just wanted her to define “rich.” It seemed like she was using rich as shorthand to mean, “Not worrying obsessively about my budget every day.” But there’s a huge middle ground between worrying obsessively and never needing to think about it, ever.

I also think she touches on, but then doesn’t really examine, the fact that people often have incomes that they don’t account for in their “lifestyle.” Bloggers or not, plenty of people have advantages that aren’t obvious/known, which is why it’s so frustrating to try to guess why your co-worker seems to have to no problem eating out every day when you’re eating PB&J to make your budget work. It’s why we can judge someone (or ourselves) for spending $X on something, though we rarely know what $X ACTUALLY means to them.

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