You Can’t Make A Living As A Writer Because Being a Writer Isn’t a Job
Ester Bloom

Writerly types are jumping all over this article, but it’s not really for us. I want to give it to my relatives and friends who are forever “joking” that once I write a novel I’ll be set. There IS an idea out there that writing a novel will make you famous and rich and guarantee you money forever. But it’s not writers who are the most guilty of harboring it, it’s everyone else.

So I think it’s totally fair to call out that idea as bullshit. I also think it’s fair to feel angry that it’s not that way, that our culture and economy doesn’t support writers or art. Or only support a select few.

I found it to be an honest article frankly discussing her money anxieties, decisions, and wishes. I’m wondering why you had such a strong negative reaction to it? It’s sort of what the Billfold is all about.

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