Improving La Poste self-service machines.

If you have already go to La Poste, you have probably experienced their self-service machines. You can find them in every post office in France. Hundreds of people use them on a daily basis to buy stamps, send letters, and frank parcels.

Margot Gillette
Jan 12 · 3 min read

How can we improve the usability and desirability of La Poste self-service machines?

As a team of 3 people, we approach this project with the Design Thinking methodology—starting with user research: 10 observations + 5 interviews. The idea was to confirm or disconfirm our assumptions by understanding the user relationship with the service, how and why he uses it, the difficulties he has experienced.

Affinity diagram

A few major pain points came out from our research: confusion in the different processes, UI problems, lack of information, the need for human help… But the main problem was linked to the parcel franking process:

sending a parcel is one of the most complicated and regular action—which was confirmed by a post office employee
people often need help to do it
their biggest worry is: Have I done everything correctly so my parcel will be sent or not?

How to reassure an occasional user of La Poste during the process of franking a parcel?

After a Crazy8 brainstorming session, we assumed that the following solution was the one to focus on: redesigning the flow by asking the user questions easy to answer + using a breadcrumb + adding a recap’ screen at the end of the process.

By compiling all the data needed regarding the different options (box sizes and formats, types of sending prices and periods, options available for each one of them…), we came out with a step-by-step process with easy questions.

Franking a parcel, step by step

And then, we’ve started to prototype our solution. The hardest challenge for this mission was to choose a problem statement since we noticed so many points while observing and interviewing users about the machines.

Low-fi prototypes

Margot Gillette

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Soon to be UX+UI designer. Interested in and inspired by visual arts, classical music, yoga, and Kaamelott.

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