Why everyone should care about F.A.I.R.

F.A.I.R. is fair!

A little historical background and context

But as we all know, making something illegal doesn’t make it go away, especially when institutionalized and deeply held beliefs and biases are concerned.

The Status Quo

This was copy/pasted from an add on Craigslist. Most aren’t any more thorough than saying you’ll have to pass a credit and background check. What does “pass” mean?

And this is just one way that landlords routinely get away with not renting to people of color and members of other protected classes.

So what does the F.A.I.R. ordinance do? And what problems exactly is it trying to solve?

Is F.A.I.R. fair?

Links to all of these articles and more can be found here: http://topics.oregonlive.com/tag/portland%20housing%20audit/index.html?fbclid=IwAR3oEUEdBFAhoTuFElkmoHLLTKQwkaBSkL7xnDH2KIZ4lJvR6WgCHejBmKg
This 2011 story from the Skanner includes some of the draft recommendations of the Fair Housing Committee, convened by Nick Fish. https://www.theskanner.com/news/northwest/10300-portland-racism-and-rental-housing-report-black-latino-families-charged-more-turned-away-2011-04-28
Dr. Matthew Desmond, a Harvard sociologist and author of the award winning book Evicted, found conclusive data that evictions impact Black women more than any other group. While the ordinance won’t do anything to prevent or change the eviction process, it can at least help make sure that the women who are impacted can find another home for their family.

If that’s not enough to convince you that this is a matter of racial justice: A pilot study of the new ordinance found that 50% of people of color who would have had their applications denied would now be approved.

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