Such a great piece, thank you for sharing Margot!
Sam Feldman

Hey Sam! Thanks for the questions.

Convincing my employer was surprisingly not that difficult. I’m happy to have a serious work ethic at Wistia, and am always diligent on my projects. I work from home often as it is, and have experience working remotely for other companies. Wistia trusted me, saw the incredible opportunity before me, and said yes. We worked together on a policy, check-ins, best practices for me.

In my position, I am a team of one. Putting in face time means showing up for show and tell (company wide weekly meeting where we talk about what we’ve been working on), and over-communicate on my projects. I rarely have to take internal team calls, and when I do, it’s nice to do so over video so folks can see each other.

For your third and fourth point, I chose to do 8 hours because it allows me to clearly see the entire day, with that last hour being a check-in. The last hour is important because of the time zone difference. It allows me to make sure everything’s all set before I go to sleep. It doesn’t bother me not to be done before dinner. In fact, it reassures me that everything is in its place and there’s time between emails.

We use Slack, Trello, Quip, and email mostly. It’s been working great for us. Decisions are made over time now, which I think is best. It gives us time to marinate before jumping to decisions.

I’m not sure what will happen when I’m done with Remote Year. We’ll see what life throws at me!

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