This Blooming Monday

Finding gratefulness buried deep in a Monday

She felt little hope for the day.

Sure, she’d go through the motions choosing all of the activities she knew would make her ‘happier’ despite not wanting to leave bed.

For her it was the yoga…

then the tea…

the meditation even.

Followed by healthy food, a walk with the dog, ending with the work…

It felt silly, each act just an opiate for her brain. Doping it with enough endorphins, vegetables, etc. into feeling better than that early Monday morning feeling.

Why do them at all? They wouldn’t make her happy today.


Still under a mental stormy cloud her first cut into a pineapple and the smell took her elsewhere for an instant. Suddenly, she felt grateful. She remembered the colors of the purple and pink plants that lined her morning walk. And as if she’d just finally figured out the final moves to a Candy Crush level, each piece started clicking into place.

Rather these motions acting as an opiate, she’d been under a spell that these things were helping her crawl out from under. Maybe, there’s beauty everywhere, even on Mondays.

Maybe it was about aligning her life towards a new north star. One focused on recognizing beauty in everyday moments.

As monk, David Steindl-Rast had said, pausing, and saying: ‘Stop.Look.Go’ let gratefulness sink-in.

Maybe it was time to pivot all things not towards permanent zombied happiness, but instead in recognizing beauty in all it’s random and allusive occurrences.

Rather than seeing each task as a hopeful elixir for happiness…

Seeing the morning covered with a cloud blocking beauty. Each task playing a part of the puzzle to unlock sight, then beauty.

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