The Story Of Mental Health In The Other End Of The World
Vaghawan Ojha

I am sorry to read about this difficult and painful experience and hope that you and your family can grow and heal over time and with the right guidance. Reading over it, I felt drawn to point out that it could be that, in the beginning, your cousin was only suffering from an inability to deal with the very stressful situation in terms of his own dreams, desires and professional life, family and societal expectations. Rather than addressing this, the very poor mental health care he received labelled, stigmatized and medicated him, making him ill. What I’m trying to do here is not diagnose your deceased cousin but point out that many situations and ‘illnesses’ can be avoided with proper care and as you point out, simply listening to and deeply understanding people who are suffering. First we give them the precious gift of feeling deeply heard and understood and then we can give them guidance to regain stability, developing coping tools and, if necessary, seek psychiatric (medical) help. I am hoping, and advocating that some day we will take the time to better understand and care for what ails us. Thank you for your bold article. Keep on writing!!

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