Occupy KCL has begun

This morning we, an autonomous collective of King’s College London students, have taken the decision to occupy the College’s Council Room in the Strand Campus, as part of the wider movement being carried out at the University of Amsterdam, London School of Economics (LSE), and University of Arts London (UAL).

The occupation stands against the increasingly neo-liberal, undemocratic and restrictive conditions of our education system. Our aim is to create a constructive and open space in which discussions on free and alternative forms of education can take place, and from which we can call upon our university to bring about significant and meaningful improvements to its most negative aspects.

We will be issuing a list of specific demands to the university shortly, but we ask that you please support this action in achieving an open and constructive dialogue with the administration. This is a peaceful process, to ensure that those most in need receive better support from KCL.

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