There was a time:

half past slumber

where I fell

and I shook

and shivered

and shocked,

lay awake

to face the dimness.

And the darkness

lie around me.

And the long fingers

of despair

tickle my toes,

my temple.

The tyranny of tire,

creeps from under,

lifts the sheets

and takes its toll.

The troll

under the bridge

takes another goat,

my throat,

my heart,

the palpitations start.

No sleep.

Oh! Sleep,

oh, jumping sheep.

A moment in maze

turns endless gaze.

The roof, the lines,

the sound in the street

grows bigger,

eyes stagger.

Oh! Sleep,

I look on a page

In a book,

but you’re gone.

Big breaths,

slight sweats,

but you’re gone.

Come find me in the night

Sweet slumber

Oh sweet,

my sweet,

forbidden treat.