Why aren’t you confident and how can you change it?

Do you lack self-confidence? Are you afraid of doing something? And it’s holding you back?

I know that feeling.

It’s so easy to talk & write about different things. But actually doing them…that’s hard. But real actions are that matters. And that separates successful people from non-successful. Which one do you want to be?

Some day you just need to get your sh*t together.

Usually, this happens after some fight (with your parents or spouse), the problem (lack of money) or illness (when you realize how you have wasted your time & life). The real moment when you start doing what you need to do is when you are angry and you haven’t anything to lose. That’s why many people who lived very miserable and poor life became successful. They just didn’t have anything to lose and they weren’t ashamed to start & make mistakes (most of us fear failing and other opinions so much that it’s easier to just not do it).

The trick is to walk the talk.

You aren’t confident when you say a lot but you to not do what you say.

When you start acting according to your words, you will feel more confident. There’s no more that uncertainty and fear. You know what you talk about & you have something actual to rely on (your experience). And that gives you confidence!

You vs. you

Get your inner fight, which is the hardest, done. Realize what’s important and what are your fears. And how can you overcome them? And what are the reasons for that fear? Usually, it’s some nonsense what you say yourself often — negative self-talk is one of the biggest things what holds us back! Just don’t think too much (overthinking causes fear), just do what you need and see the results.

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Hope this was motivating. Anyway, I need to DO more. Not just talk. And it’s hard. But I know what needs to be done. Wish me best. And good luck to you!

Let’s achieve success together!

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