You Can’t Rush with Success & Growth.

We all want to achieve certain goals faster. We want everything right now. All that social media, notifications and being 24/7 available makes us feel that we need everything, right now. There’s no time to wait.

But success isn’t meant to be fast.

Yes, we all know about overnight successes. 99% of them are actually “overnight success” because they worked hard 5–20 years. We just don’t know it. Or to be precise, media isn’t telling us that. Simple and dramatic headlines get more clicks. Nobody cares about a guy who worked hard 10 years and became a success. We all want to hear about a guy who started his business yesterday and became gazillionaire today. Yeah…

Good things take time.

It takes 6 months to built an ONE Rolls-Royce. Half a year! And it takes 13 hours to build an ordinary Toyota. Do you get it? It takes a time to built good things. It takes a time to become successful. You just need to do your thing constantly while knowing that it takes time. It’s totally normal. Don’t rush with success and money. When you do the right thing, you will become successful.

Our personal development.

I’ll speak from personal experience. And I know there are many who think just like me. Looking back many years from my life, I wish I had started something back then. I should have read more, learned more, tried more, networked more. Yet I didn’t. My past environment wasn’t supportive. I wasn’t just ready. You know, all that knowledge, self-knowing and personal development can’t come with one day. It’s normal to develop throughout the years. Yes, it might be a little bit frustrating knowing that when you should know something 5 years ago, you would be a lot more successful. Accept it.

Be grateful.

There’s no point to regret anything. Be grateful that you are here where you are today. Be grateful that you have learned and grown. Learning is a lifetime process. Enjoy and be grateful for the journey. Today 5 years later you might think too that oh boy, sad that I didn’t do this or didn’t know that. And that’s okay. Just do your thing, learn every day something new and be patience. Don’t rush with success. It will come eventually.

“Patience matters” — Gary Vaynerchuck.

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