Week 2~ Gris et blanc

Songs for the week :)

I want to say “thank God its Saturday”, but I can’t wonder why? because there’s too many things to do, I was supposed to be relaxing and chilling watching tv shows, anime or movies sadly I can’t sigh. I’m swimming in the sea of quizzes,homework and presentation hehehe. I will not let schoolwork rule my weekends NEVAHHH!!.

This second week of school is a bit stressful yet fun, I want to say thank you for my food suppliers 🍃memei ,jham, Alyssandra Austria and shout out to those who are sitting at the back who is always causing riot in a good way. You guys made my days fun and exciting.I just realize that I’m surrounded with people who are always “Humuhugot”.

Everyday whenever something happens be it a lesson or whenever you do stupid thing someone either from my side or back ,especially at the back because a certain hugot lord sits there. I find it amusing because they find ways to insert their hugot lines which I may say is quite creative hahahaha. This moments I will never forget in my high school life.

I’m not satisfied with my performance in school, I feel like my efforts is not enough even though I study every night it seems that the lessons that I’ve been studying is not sinking in my brain, I wonder why?perhaps I’m pushing myself too hard?.

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