Week 9~Ennuyé

Soooo… the highlight of this week is…

none, seriously its all the same wake up in the morning, go to school, finish your task, go home and sleep well that’s how my life works well you can’t blame me if you think its boring, but that’s what I do everyday aside from occasional drama happening around me which is none of my business.

I spent my days binge watching orphan black and waiting for the release of the first episode of scream queens, honestly I can’t wait I’m so excited to watch it Emma Roberts was there with Taylor Lautner, Chanel number 1 is my favorite character in the show I like her sassy attitude, I find it funny hahaha.

I also start working my articles for the school paper especially for the features to be honest I don’t know how to start my feature article anyhow I’ll find ways to finish it before the deadline…I hope so ;p.

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