When a New Cell Phone Almost Ruins Your Relationship
Caroline Moss

When I met my now-husband, 8 years ago, he had an iPhone and I had a shitty non smartphone. He would send me lots of messages fast, and I was unable to answer all of them that fast. That phone was really shitty, sometimes I was unable to answer at all because it was out of memory.
Two years later, I bought an iPhone, as I was tired of bad phones and I wanted the best, so we were a happy iPhone couple for a year or so.
Then his iPhone was stolen at a music festival and he decided not to buy a new one right away. I had a boyfriend without a mobile phone. That was really hard. We work on the same company, so we use the internal instant messenger during the day, and gchat and facebook messenger all other times, but it was so frustrating not be able to talk to him if he was not home or at work. We had to meet each other old style, he even used payphones sometimes. Six months later, he got an old iPhone from his sister, and we were back to iPhone. We even used that find friends app, so we knew where each other is. However, he switched to android one year ago. But we didn't use iMessage anyway, so nothing changed much. 
Funny thing how those technology items can affect our relationships.

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