Improve your Magento SEO Optimizing your Website Speed with Next Generation Website Speed Optimizer Extension

Mary Skula
Feb 21 · 4 min read

Website performance is a crucial point for those who so desperately try to improve their website SEO. But, what is SEO about? And why is it so important for SEO to have a fast performing website?

Remember yourself surfing through Google results. Here it is, you see the perfect title and promising description, but when you click on it expecting to get to that information instantly it takes ages to load. Would you stay for long?

I am more than sure and it has been already proven that if the page takes more than 3 seconds to load it has a tremendously bad influence on bounce rates, customer acquisition, revenue and SEO.

So, you see SEO is traffic. No traffic, no SEO. Everything is pretty simple here.

If you are facing the slow website load issue now or just want to be aware of the “getaways” for the future you are probably wondering how to avoid this.

What are the reasons for website to load longer?

Before taking any actions you should learn more about the reasons your website might not be performing as it is expected to. The most common reason for slow website performance is usually a huge amount of unoptimized outdated format images.

There are a lot of websites that are using the PNG and JPG image formats on their websites. These formats were developed long ago when everyone was concentrated on the availability of those pictures and not their size. Moreover, at that time website speed wasn't so important for SEO since it didn’t even exist then.

However nowadays, when everything concerning your website is analyzed with the extreme precision you should look for some other way to optimize images on your website in order to improve its load speed.

What is the solution?

The solution is WebP. Never heard of it?

WebP is the next generation image file format developed, supported and used by Google. It is signiiiiificantly smaller in size compared to the old PNG and JPG, but with the same quality.

Isn’t it great having the fast performing website with the beautiful quality pictures?

Magento 2 stores with big amount of pictures could really make good use of WebP Optimized Images. One of the best solutions they could integrate into their store is Magento 2 WebP Images extension.

All in One Solution provided by Magefan that allows you to have:

Automatically Converted WebP Images

Once you install Magento 2 WebP images module and configure it all pictures on your website the same as all newly added pictures will be automatically converted to WebP according to the setting.

Up to 50% File Size Reducing

The extension allows you to choose various image file sizes to convert your .png and .jpg images into. Depending on the file size there will be a slight change.

Improved Website Performance

The best feature of WebP is that it allows us to figure the image size saving the quality and improving the website performance at the same time.

Better SEO

Fast performing website is a key to better SEO. It doesn’t matter if there is a brilliant content on the website or if there are great services provided. No one is going to learn about them if your website takes some time to load. So with WebP images optimized by Magento 2 WebP Images extension you increase your chances of improving your website SEO.


It wouldn’t be correct to tell you that just by using the Magento WebP Images extension and optimizing images on your website you can improve website speed immediately. NO. Unoptimized images are the big part, but there still are other things slowing down your website performance to take care of.

Magento 2 WebP Images module is the first step. Multiple browsers already use it taking advantage of the high-quality pictures and improved website load speed.

So, why don’t you try and see if it makes any difference?

To learn more about Magento 2 WebP Images extension and test it follow the link:

Mary Skula

Written by

Content Manager at Magefan, the Magento 2 extension provider company offering website develpment, optimization,migrations and customization services.

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