Most of the time we don't realize how simple it is to breathe, to keep it going.

It is a basic act that can be done without noticing it but when it is, it becomes something invaluable.

It is a feeling of control of your own body, your own rhythm. But a sort of control that fulfills one with quietness and peacefulness, a gift for the soul.

Ones breath its not just about inhaling and exhaling air, its also a way to measure feelings, resistance and anxieties. It can tell how comfortable you are with someone, whether or not you should keep up with an exercise or slow it down, if there’s anything that you consider a threat around you. And all if that just from the sound of a breath. Listen.

Sometimes we take for granted things that may seem natural, that happen every instant. But that shouldn’t make it invaluable, unnoticeable.

Take a moment, or two. An breathe, breathe again.