Even More Guilty Pleasures for Designers 👌

I was so inspired by Jon Moore’s hilarious article Guilty Pleasures for Designers, that I thought of a few more delightful work tasks designers get to indulge in from time to time…

Going Up and Down with my Standing Desk Contraption

Okay so this isn’t just for designers, but I love my VARIDESK Height-Adjustable Standing Desk Pro 36, even though it’s rather ugly and clunky, and makes a loud “ga-chunk” sound each time I pull it up to standing position. We all know it’s bad for your body if you sit for long periods of time… my VARIDESK eases my anxiety of dying from the “sitting disease”, and gets me back on track to über-productive designer mode.

This is not a photo of me, but it could be. Especially that fixed, euphoric smile.

My goal for next year is to graduate up to a treadmill desk, because how awesome would it be to try and use a mouse to design while jogging? I am training for another 5K race after all, and I might as well bang out some micro-interactions while I’m at it.💃🏽

Slack + Giphy = 💚💚💚

When you need to communicate something important with your whole team through Slack, is there a better way to say it than with Giphy? I can’t think of any, but try and convince me anyway!

/giphy nice!

Lo-Tech Accessories For Gadgets

Just looking at this varnished, hand-carved piece of scrap wood from Etsy makes me happy. That wood grain… The raw juxtaposition between the natural and the man-made… If this artisanal cradle doesn’t scream “I’m a designer, and I’ve got good taste” then I don’t know what does! 😛

Doing Illustration Research

Doing illustration research online… talk about a rabbit hole. I often end up finding an illustrator I like, read their bio, link to their blog, their Twitter feed, their Instagram feed, and then start browsing who else they’re following… oh look, we both follow the same big-wave surfing account! 🏄🏻

Using the Photoshop Pen Tool

Creating outline paths in Photoshop with the pen tool… I used to think of this task as pure grunt work, but I’ve changed my perspective: sure it’s mindless, but I can do it while listening to music and can sometimes even use it as an excuse to skip that very important meeting… “Sorry guys, I’ve got a bunch of silos to do for that big feature!” Then I get back to work wrestling those Bezier curves into silhouette perfection.

Please don’t judge my Bezier curves…

Getting Important Life Lessons from Quora 👽

Okay, so it’s not technically a design indulgence, but boy do I love my Quora Digest. I read it on my subway commute to work each morning, and it often makes me laugh outloud at my phone. I love the random mix of questions that show up each morning, and often marvel at the genius algorithm that brings such gems together:

“Who Wins At Life?”
“Should I Just Stop Gaming and Start Programming?”
“What Is Your Best Example At How Dumb Humans Are?”
“How Are Pilots Different Than The Average Person?”

And one of my personal favorites, and not just because so many answerers posted photos of their actual wives: 👸🏻

“What Is It Like To Have A Beautiful Wife?”

Sometimes I also read a topic’s “Related Questions” for even more zany trivia and opinions about humanity:

Using Sticky Notes On The Wall

If using sticky notes on the wall to map out a complex website, a card sorting activity, or a heat map of data is wrong, then I don’t want to be right! This is even more fun than writing user flows on a whiteboard, because sticky notes are colorful and you can move them around!

Site mapping is more delightful with sticky notes.
This is me, working hard at organizing user feedback at a hackathon last year. Somehow, using sticky notes makes any card sorting activity more fun.
The ubiquitous sticky notes are a UX designer’s best friend.

There are so many guilty pleasures in design work, and I am grateful for that. I can think of a few more, but I’ve got to get back to planning my surfing website with stickies.

Thanks for reading! 💚

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