The class MATLUPB is directed by the professor Raúl Alberto Mora (Dr. Berry). It takes places on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8:00 a.m. to almost 10:00 a.m. On Mondays and Wednesdays, the Professor Mora teaches us different topics such as storytelling, lesson planning, classroom management, and materials design. On Fridays, or rather, demo Fridays, as the Dr. Berry uses to call that day, he presents us some ways to apply the examples about the topics or methods expressed before on the week.

The class, personally, is special in the way that remembers us we are preparing to be teachers, and we must take into account several factors for exerting our labor. The class really has the potential of applying what we learned in a context and situation. That is to say, what professor Mora teaches and exposes to us is useful for our professional lives, and we can reference those activities on the future with our students.

As teachers, our essential and principal place of working is the classroom, and our primordial aim is our students’ learning. Although this aim is sometimes tied to particularly challenges that are included in the teaching and learning process, for instance, teachers have to promote a safe environment that makes feel the students comfortable and allows the apprenticeship and planning lessons assertively, taking into account the ages, social and familiar situation, location, etc.

Lesson planning plays a crucial role in the teachers every day nature, because there are implicit various elements previously mentioned, like classroom management. Maintaining the control of the class and students attention is influential for achieving a good lesson; for nobody is a secret discipline and behavior have influence during the development of every session, being a perk or a mishap. In addition, the materials or tools that are used in class to support the learning and teaching process have to be already designed, because they must be pertinent and respond to the students’ needs and being adequate.

MATLUPB is a reminder to realize being educator and teaching is not only make lessons planning or design materials. Teachers are responsible of the students in the classroom. Becoming an educator means to become also a shoulder and looking after for their wellness. In this profession you have to promote a good coexistence among schoolmates, as well as tell them about life, respect, integrity and, off course giving advices when they need. Nevertheless, Dr. Berry has mentioned to us how to maintain an adequate relation with students, without losing the authority and role professor, following the protocol and also keeping in mind the etic.

Finally, regarding the MATLUPB professor, I think that he is an idol completely. His attitude and behavior during the class inspire to achieve every goal and never give up in light of difficulties and obstacles that teachers face nowadays. His experience is evident in each advice that he has to share. He manages the perfect relation that every educator must keep with the students. The class is appropriately organized, prepared and supported by few authors and materials that are useful not only for the class but also for the future.

MATLUPB has taught me to be a teacher outside and inside.

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