WWW? — Wait What Website?

Probably the websites I automatically check whenever I open my browser are Facebook, YouTube, and occasionally Twitter.

But aside from these sites, I also enjoy exploring more of what the World Wide Web can offer. Here are three (other) websites that I personally love visiting.

1. TicketWorld

Okay, I know this isn’t exactly a news website, but being a huge theatre fan, I usually check TicketWorld for the newest shows I might be interested in.

The content is basically just shows and the show details which may users may choose to view either by genre or by venue. The users may also opt to purchase tickets through the site by setting up their account.

I visit this site at least once a month — more if there are shows I am interested in (or that I can afford!). I’ve never bought tickets from this website, though, as I prefer getting them from ticket outlets. I guess I just have a thing for having the actual tickets with the tab that the ushers would tear off upon entering the theater.

Phone or laptop? I personally prefer using my laptop to view this site, as it is much more convenient, and some of its features (such as seat selection) are difficult to use on a phone.

Would I recommend it? Yes, to those interested in shows with the tickets available through TicketWorld. It is very easy to navigate through the site, and it is an easy way to get their tickets in the comfort of their homes.

2. Theatre Nerds

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am a huge theatre fan — musical theatre to be more specific. With that being said, Theatre Nerds is one of my favorite blogs/websites.

I first found out about this website through Facebook links. Its content caters to both theatre fans and theatre actors alike. It is very user-friendly, and it almost feels like a (theatre-specific) version of BuzzFeed.

I don’t routinely visit this site, unless I see interesting ones on their Facebook page. But once I start reading an article, I find myself scrolling through more. They have very interesting content written in a very casual tone. They mostly post about “top” musicals, advice, and even quizzes.

Phone or laptop? I don’t really mind using either to scroll through Theatre Nerds, as it is pretty much the same whether I use my phone (browser) or laptop. However, I find that the quizzes don’t work very well, so I would recommend using a laptop for the quizzes.

Would I recommend it? Yes definitely! Theatre fan or not, I think readers would enjoy reading and learning new things about the theatre scene.

3. Pinterest

Several months ago, my mom started her own business. I sometimes help her out whenever she joins bazaars, and sometimes, even put my own products up for sale.

Pinterest has been very useful in terms of finding d.i.y ideas and instructions to make accessories. I find it really interesting that users can “pin” articles that they like to their boards for other people to see. It’s basically like a collection of posts and articles from lots of different websites.

I visit this around once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on my schedule. It contains lots of info on different topics for different people to read.

Phone or laptop? I used to have the app as well, but due to my phone having limited storage, I had to uninstall it and solely rely on the website.

Would I recommend it? Of course! Pinterest is not only for art enthusiasts as it also contains posts or “pins” on topics such as food and drink, education, health and fitness, and much more.

These three websites, though not popularly used by everyone, are some of my favorite websites to visit. Each has its own pros and cons, but each site satisfies my interest in its own way.

Ticketworld for my interest in shows.

Theatre Nerds for the musical theatre geek in me.

Pinterest for my curious self.

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