What Is Online Etiquette? Why Is It Important?


Online etiquette is also known as netiquette. It is a way of behaving and communicating online. It is easy to see a person when we meet in real, whereas it is difficult to know when we are talking online. In this situation, we often know and are judged by our online behavior. That is why online etiquettes are vital to communicating online.

Online rules should be followed.
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“Use social media for good and lift others up, not tear them down. Stay on the high road. Keep your peace.”
Germany Kent

Rules to follow while communicating online.

  1. Your tone should be respectful.
    Tone means the way a person speaks. Your tone can be joyful, serious, humorous, sad, formal, or informal. Your tone will reflect your mood when you are writing or talking online. The way of speaking or writing should be respectful towards others. An optimistic tone will always give positive results. Choose your words carefully while talking or writing online. In today’s world of social media, it is easy to pass comments on to others. It may negatively affect the lives of others, so pick your words carefully.

“Freedom of Speech doesn’t justify online bullying. Words have power, be careful how you use them.”
Germany Kent

2. Proper use of grammar and punctuation in sentences.

Punctuation and grammar are very important when we write online. Especially when we are doing communication for running a business or for selling something. Always remember the rules of writing when communicating on social platforms. if you use the proper writing rules, your text will look more accomplished. It will make your text clear and easy to read. Your message should be easy to read and understandable. It will save your time and your reader’s time.

3. Stay on topic.

When you are discussing something online, try to stay on the topic. Do not have inessential talks, it will waste your valuable time. We should avoid endless exchanges of emails and messages. The conversation should be short and precise. Long emails and messages can be frustrating and confusing.

4. Do not forget that nothing is secret online.

In the age of screenshots, anything you send or upload publicly can be easily captured and forwarded to others. Even Mark Zuckerberg’s(Facebook’s founder) sister Randi has become a victim of Facebook’s totalitarian privacy. She complained that she uploaded a photo privately, but somehow the picture went public. So always be careful when you upload something online.

5. Respect others’ privacy and opinions.

Respect others’ privacy the same way you want someone to treat your private information. You do not have to agree with everything others say or do. Respecting others means acknowledging them and respecting their opinion and privacy. Learn to respect yourself first. If you do not respect yourself, you make it open for everyone to disrespect you. How to respect ourselves online? Your profile should show you someone to be respected, not someone to fear. Your comments should deserve respect. They should not be rude or foolish.

Nothing is private when you post something online.
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“Netiquette: Be nice to achieve status in internet circles.”
David Chiles


Enjoy everything online but always follow the rules of netiquette. It will keep you safe and give you a better experience of enjoying the internet. It is important to learn the rules of using the internet, especially for teenagers. They should know the rules of netiquette. Correct rules of netiquette, behavior and social interaction are as important as in real life.



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