Something they didn’t tell you when you decided your career path

You career path

We all sometime face that moment when we have to decide what degree to study. A lot of questions come to our mind and we finally choose one. But is that the one that will bring us the success?

Some people find their path really easily, but there are some others who find their success in other totally different fields that they would never expect.

Everything is about finding your strengths and work for them in order to achieve your greatest potential. It might be scary at the beginning, but undoubtedly better to do it as soon as you realize about it, not to regret when you are older.

It is not unusual to believe that you have been born to do something else from what you decided years before. You feel something inside of you which push you to change and try, and that makes you ask you the following:

-Was I mistaken in my decision?

-Did I lose all those years of my life?

-Is it something I really want?

-Will I be good at it?

From my experience, nothing happens for nothing. All the knowledge has a function in your life and can serve you in different ways, as they help you developing a bunch of soft skills that determine who you are.

Then you were not mistaken and you didn’t lose your time. You just learned. And if you are worried of failing and perform it wrong because you are not experienced, forget it. Only when you follow your dreams, you do what makes you happy and find your passion is when you can achieve success.