Can you make a movie about eating disorders without glamorizing them?
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Watched the movie yesterday, and I can say it’s a really good movie. You can see the diverse stages of a person who is battling with an eating disorder, but you can also find a way to relate to the character’s very own mental issues.

I believe that this is a movie that must be seen by teenagers and adults worldwide, and for them to be able to speak with the parents or at school about it. As it happened with 13 Reasons Why, that people thought they were glamourizing suicide, the main objective of either this film and the tv series is to create a dialogue at home, at school, at youth groups, etc; about the subject.

Sometimes we don’t want to address this issues due to the amount of taboos that exist in our society nowadays, but we must. Teenagers and young adults today are exposed to this sort of issues (Eating disorders, suicide), and it’s great that Netflix along with a diverse group of producers and actors have decided to portray them.

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