Bringing Much-Needed Sanity to the Vaccine Debate
Kevin Michael Geary

Regarding autism and vaccines, I was hoping to see a little more balancing of both sides of this argument as well. Correlation is not causation, but there are 86 studies that do show a different picture. These papers are most likely not flawless but neither are the ones that ‘prove’ there is no connection, so they form a good antidote to the blanket statement that there is no link.

To give an illsutration that the link between autism and vaccines is not taken out of the air (not that you are saying this but in general): In clinical trials between 2009 and 2011 of their Infanrix vaccine, GlaxoKlineSmith had 6 cases of autism documented as an adverse reaction, 5 of which severe. While this does not mean that vaccines therefore should be abandoned, it IS a known risk. Parents have a right to know all the facts and make their own decisions. I was hoping that your very well written article would show both sides of the autism debate as well.

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