“Let the LOVE nurture”

Today, we are living in 21st century, the era of inspiring innovations and stunning inventions. Technology has ascended the astonishing peaks and transportation has incredible developments. These scientific achievements has brought the people closer globally, we can listen and we can see our loving ones all around the world and approach them within the lap of hours only.

But as we are advancing towards modernization, there is a thing aches our nerves: “People are killing People.”

In past diseases caused death toll rising to thousands. Science has cured the physical disease meanwhile giving birth to spiritual ones. People are living happily in a village, someone takes a flight and turns the valley into ashes by pushing a single button.

You are sitting somewhere, pickup your phone and send a text “we can’t carry this relation anymore” and strangle the whole happily living family by killing their very young child.And then here you go caviling “No one cares about me, no one loves me, no one is here to feel my pangs. Oh, what the hell is gonna happen in my life. Am I gonna die alone in this world full of super genios people ever existed.”

Here comes the point, why we have such frustrated life while we are equipped with all the facilities. Why everyone is moaning over sorrows alone. This was not the anticipated heaven of scientific developments. We need to push the pause button in fact we need to put an end to this attitude, we need to STOP here, if we wanna save nature, save humanity.

The instinct behind my writing is my today’s talk with my fellas and folks. My words can’t express the pain what my ears have to bear after listening my friends situation. I called my friend and after a minute or two’s talk, she told me that her brother martyred while fighting against TALIBAN, about a month ago and she really burst into tears. At that moment, I felt ashamed of myself, humanity and the technology. I am living in 21st century, having touch phone, laptop, 24 hours internet connection and I don’t know how’s my friend is doing. And where is the humanity, how a man can kill another innocent man , and I condemn this scientific development which has no purpose but killing the human beings.

After such a tragic news, I thought that I should talk my all friends. One of my friends told me that she is in love with a boy but the boy isn’t interested in her anymore and I was astonished after knowing decision that he won’t respond her then she has decided to commit a suicide. Then very slowly I got on my nerves, and after an hour’s talk I convinced her to move forward, work harder in her life and make remarkable achievements in her career as she brilliant in studies. Then I talked to my cousin who is my friend as well. She told me about her marvellous success in engineering entry test and invited me to her celebrations. I realized that happiness is too closer, just we need to go ahead and grab it.

After a full day talk, I just held back and analysed the role of friends, family, media, science and technology in drama of our lives. I realized that how much every individual of my belongings is feeling love deprived, everyone is ready to leave behind the “ story of pangs and anguish” and aspiring to love. But above all every one has ego, “my self”. If we just give up on this most prior egoistic “myself” for a time and spare few minutes to listen others, make them being cared, make them feel loved then obviously there will be more love than hate, humanity would set itself at the highest of all times.This world would turn into paradise.

Moving forward on the same topic, I did some research and I came across such a legendary writing by DALE CARNEGIE “How to win friends and influence people.” The book says “if you want others to like you, if you want others to like you then keep a principle in mind: Become genuinely interested in other people.” So, make be interested in others, make others feel important, love others and others will LOVE you. Love others and let the love nurture. Use the technology for the betterment.Stay in contact with others. Let the power of love overcome the love of power.

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