How do we now view our environments?

Space. Spacious. Widening. A continuous area that is unoccupied. The dimensions within which all things exist. Somewhere out there, beyond ourselves in the expanse of the African bush, the Alaskan tundra, the Mediterranean sea, the Universe itself. These are all spaces that have profoundly touched me. Although since March 19th…

Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh. Eee-yeow-wah!

These are the phonetic sounds I hear as I watch a line form of Maasai Warriors, ages seventeen to twenty-five, all brightly robed, mostly in red. The Maasai is one of the world’s last great warrior cultures.

Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh, Hun-un-ney-duh. Eee-yeow-wah!

More sounds explode from the…

I think right about now, many of us are feeling the pull of wanderlust stirring in our hearts. I know I am. As countries are gradually re-opening their skies to international travelers, so are the questions about how we will travel? As well as where we will go? The safety…

Maria Baltazzi, PhD, MFA

Emmy-winning television producer, traveler, wellbeing advocate. I write about intentional travel and conscious-living. Design + mentor epic travel experiences.

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