Lessons Learned From 36 Days Alone in Europe
Alex Valaitis

This was truly inspiring, Alex. I come from a similar background as you. I have been very close to my parents and my brother, who is also my best friend. I was given the opportunity to leave the West coast for the East coast to take on an amazing job after college (a year ago) and I couldn’t take it because it was more “comfortable” to stay in California with my family. I ended up taking a job I did not feel passion for (and I am trying so hard to get out) because it was easier to take it than to wonder how long the next offer may come. This has thrown me into a rut where I am choosing comfort above all. I really want to travel and luckily I have the means to do so, but I cannot leave my family behind but I do want to get out of my comfort zone. Your lessons have helped build up my courage and I hope this new courage takes me to the other side of the world. Thank you!

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