He did me a favour

In the three weeks it has been since I broke up with my lover I have had time to think about what I want in my life. I realised that he has in fact done me a huge favour.

I have lost over a stone in weight in those three weeks and dropped a clothes size, people comment on how good I look which has boosted my self esteem, I feel good in myself.

I have a job interview today for my dream job, if I get it a whole new world will open up to me with fantastic career opportunities to train as a nurse. Everyone says how caring I am and that I’d make a good nurse so I’m going in with a positive attitude, it’s all down to me with no help from him, like he promised he would!

Last of all he has blocked me every where, social media, email, phone number. I’m actually really pleased with this because I can’t see what he is doing with his new girlfriend. I know that if he got in Touch I’d fall for him again like last time and I would be back to square one, probably getting my heart ripped apart again.

My life is going in a good direction, I have a great family and wonderful kids. Matt, you did me a great favour.