On the forest floor

We packed a picnic and set off on the hours drive to Thetford forest. It was a beautiful warm summers day, the air conditioning was blowing ice cold air into the car as we made our way along country roads. Romantic days out with my man were always invigorating to the point we would both be exceptionally horny.

It was around midday when we parked up beneath a huge oak tree, Michael couldn’t keep his hands off of me, making me giggle. I cherished the way he kissed me on the back of my neck, it sent sparks straight to my clit. We got out of the car collected the picnic bag and blanket and made our way through the busy section of the forest, walking hand in hand as we went deeper in to the dense woodland. Due to the expanse of the forest there were plenty of. ‘off the beaten track’ areas to set down for the afternoon. Tucked away in the amongst the pine trees we were sheltered under the canopy, it was still warm in the air even though we were shaded from the midday sun. He laid out the picnic blanket in a small clearing and held my hand as I sat down.

As I started to unpack the lunch Michael stopped me, he kissed me passionately, his tongue told me that lunch could wait, I was the only thing on his menu.

He took his T-shirt off and ordered me to lay back and pull my skirt up, I did as I was told. His hand were warm and soft on my thighs as he pulled my panties off with eagerness, every nerve in my body was alight with anticipation. He was on his knees kissing the inside of my thighs, gently nibbling to get a reaction from me, I let out a deep sigh of pleasure.

“you like that baby?” he said

Before I could answer he was nuzzling in the soft golden fur between my legs, He pushed them open and run his tongue all the way along my warm wet pussy.

“Oh you do want me, don’t you baby?”

He could taste my sweet nectar with every dip of his tongue, the intensity of his actions whipped me up in to a frenzy. My body was shuddering with ecstasy, he held my legs in a firm grip, flicking his tongue around my clit as I panted with delight. He could feel my pussy throbbing, he knew I was close to orgasm.

“How much does my baby want to come?” he said in a husky voice

Oh I wanted it, he knew I wanted to come for him. I felt him slide two fingers inside me, massaging my G spot as he sucked and licked my clit. My breathing was rapid and shallow, I couldn’t hold back any longer. My body was shaking as I let out a scream of delight, the muscles in my pussy squeezing his fingers as I climaxed.

He laid down beside me and held me tight against his chest, he was sweaty and I could hear his heart beating. We laughed together and hoped that no one had been passing by and seen us, in all honesty we didn’t really care if they did, the great outdoors was there to be enjoyed.

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