most important lesson

i learnt so many things during this fellowship but the most important lesson is positive attitude . before fellowship i always think negative .i think negative about myself as well as for others. but now my behavior is totally changed. before fellowship i always think negative.

this is very important in life because negativity leads to disturbance in the life. we can not do anything ,never ask for help to anyone and we can not get anything in our life . i never ask for help to any one before the fellowship but because i always thought negative about others but when i tried this , i solve many problems and perform well in my activities.i thought about myself negative .i thought that i can not do any thing but during fellowship i came to know what i can do . if i thought positive about myself and tried to find qualities, abilities of myself then failure in my life may not present . if i thought positive about others i learnt many things from others as i learn now . after positive behavior i learnt many things within short period of time .

i always follow the principle of positive attitude in my life . i apply this on my class fellows,friends, roommates in my daily life.

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