If You’re Trying to “Save Print”, You’re Missing the Point.
Gary Vaynerchuk

Agree Gary — I started my first print magazine in 1995. It was based on storytelling articles which evolved into a TV show. The TV show was picked up by airline in-flight programming — then China Airlines picked up the show and this brought me into China. Then CCTV picked up the show and I was the first U.S. TV show in China.

Seeing the power of digital and all the new fun tools to use, I’ve started a new magazine Enjoy Beauty International — all this happened because I was open to change and seeing new possibilities.

Now, I think magazines will go away as we know them today. No one wants to read 2000 word articles filled with fluff. I believe short storytelling articles driven through pictures is best — magazines will become deconstructed. No more filler articles, and of course, advertising is really dead.