American Frankenstein

This classic of literature tells the story of a scientist who’s big dream was to create a human like creature.

Unfortunately, things went wrong and the creature turned out to be a freaky monster.

Frankenstein abandoned by his maker began to wander the land of Geneva in the hope of finding someone who may listen to his story. No one would give him the chance; scared by his look people ran away at the first sight.

Two centuries later the American Frankenstein emerged as a very wealthy man; so this time people do turn around and give him a chance.

In the fictional tale, Frankenstein wants to tell humans that behind his horrible look there is a normal guy. Unlike, the American Frankenstein who seems to be a human-like guy but deeply inside is a horrible monster.

Geneva becomes Frankenstein’s new home. Beautiful green fields surrounded by lakes and small country houses provide him with shelter. The modern monster thrives in a more complex land; surrounded by banners that sell everything or anything.

In the land that sells it all, the modern Frankenstein quite successfully sells his story. Some run away in disgust, but some others buy it.

The real tale overcomes the fictional one and you begin to wonder how this can happen. The American Frankenstein is a successful monster who knows how to sell, playing with people’s fears and weakness is his greatest skill.

The fictional monster resented being ignored and became a real threat to humanity. Likewise, the American monster who despite being a hero for some; is a menace for many others.

At the end the scientist tries to destroy his own creation. He realises it would be a big mistake to leave the monster alive, but the thing he has created is the thing that would destroy his loved ones as well as him.

The American monster is the creation of many people. There is not a scientist behind, but few ideologies mixed together. Until those ideologies are not extinguished more Frankensteins will continue to pop up; as in the fictional tale the things that some created, will destroy entire communities.