Why I think the Wall Street Journal Sucks

The Wall Street Journal as well as any mayor media outlet has one main purpose, that is to inform right?

Well in an ideal world yes, the top priority of any news outlet should be to inform its readers.

Unfortunately, these days in view of the tremendous competition all the established media face, informing is at the end on their list of priorities. They have so many things to worry about, things like followers, channels acquisition, staying relevant, competition and so on.

Who needs relevant information when you can put together a couple of viral news, with the help of your PR department. In a desperate cry The Wall Street Journal published an article about a well known You Tube personality calling him racist and demanding You Tube to cancel his revenue.

I didn’t even know about this guy, but thanks to the Journal I was introduced to his stream of games and silly jokes. Apparently, he made the wrong jokes on one episode and Wall Street Journal with its great scope — big brother dinosaur — went to produce a fine article about this guy.

They portrayed him as a racist of some sort. I wonder how many You Tube episodes those editors had to watch to get something bad out of him.

My concern is with all the problems going on at this moment, Wall Street Journal doesn’t have any other news to put out there? they must be kidding.

If they were that fast to produce news about other issues happening right now maybe we would start to trust their “quality” journalism.

My suspicion is, Wall Street Journal struggles to stay relevant in the midst of the digital age, they’re terrified, the big guys don’t know how to cope. What’s more, its scary and humiliating that a You Tube celebrity has 10.000.000 viewers, when you don’t have even half of that.

Then the editor came with a great idea, anything written about him its going to impact the Journal. The PR department probably where looking at the reports like hungry dogs.

People trust the Journal, they must have thought. But do you trust the Journal?

Think for a minute, The Wall Street Journal is a branch of Rupert Murdoch empire.

The other branches of this giant News Corporation are The Sun, Sky Sews, for name some. Which by the way, portray immigrants as undesirables every single day.

What makes me even more suspicious is that every other “respectable” news outlets followed suit, of-course everyone wants a piece of the cake.

I also surprise that a “respectable” news channel gives little or none attention to the REAL problems of the world. I can give a list of topics to talk about, there are so many.

They never talk, for example, about the tedious sanctions US imposed over Iraq. Those sanctions make almost impossible for hospitals in those countries to have access to medicine, children that could have been saved are dying as a consequence.

Or wait lest talk about the booming arms trade, how US sells arms to countries like South Korea or Egypt. Or lest’s talk about the shameless food programme where United States lent money to Africa in 2007 so they were forced to buy American corn! American left overs that couldn’t be sold anywhere was imposed to Africa as a form of “help”. This sucks right as much as your news Wall Street Journal.

If informing is still your main priority, you could go on, and cover relevant topics, don’t worry daddy Murdoch will still paying you.

You want a piece of the cake, a YouTube personality with million of followers is irresistible, we get it. The media circus must feed its tigers, the show must go on.

Originally published at slitsight.com on February 19, 2017.