The rise of the ‘smize’

A man smiling while wearing a protective face mask.
A man smiling while wearing a protective face mask.
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All smiles are not created equal: We have different smiles for different situations. There are spontaneous smiles that indicate true joy. And then there are “social smiles,” the ones people use to communicate — like the no-you-go-first smile at the grocery line, the hello-neighbor smile when you pass someone you recognize on a hiking path, the hey-good-lookin’ smile when you spot someone attractive you’d like to know better, and the sorry-not-sorry smile when you one-up a rival.

Most of those don’t have much to do with happiness. People smile to communicate social acceptance, to set others at ease, or even…

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Illustrations: Richard Chance

97% of Black Americans and 90% of Latinx people have insufficient levels, and experts say public health guidelines are leaving them in the lurch

Deneen Sherrod knew something wasn’t right. “I was having pain in my joints, and I was aching all over,” said the 56-year-old IT specialist who lives near Baltimore. A two-time breast cancer survivor, Sherrod saw her doctor right away. Tests for lupus, Lyme disease, and rheumatoid arthritis all came back negative.

Then the results of her blood panel came back. “She said, ‘Your vitamin D is severely low,’” said Sherrod, who is Black. She was surprised when D2 supplements eased her pain. “I was like, really? Vitamin D [deficiency] is going to be causing pain like this?” she said. “At…

It’s the color of choice for tuxedos, limos and chic little dresses. Black is luxurious, mysterious and it has gravitas — and in 2019 it’s been bringing all that badness to kitchens all over the world.

This fascination with dark, moody kitchens is a natural reflex to the white kitchens that have been so dominant for the past decade — so are all the other colors trending now.

“Everyone is looking for spaces that are moody and cozy and comforting,” says Sarah Robertson, principal designer at Studio Dearborn in Westchester County, New York. “Black makes the walls recede.”

Black is…

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Photo credit: Studio Dearborn

As the new year rolls in, we often find ourselves reflecting on the past.

While many of us were growing up, kitchens were usually humble spaces kept hidden away. But over the years, the kitchen has been elevated to the most important room in the home — a place to gather with family and friends, do homework and gather for casual meals, as well as a place for cooking.

To me, it’s even more than just a place: the kitchen is a manifestation of the home’s soul. Kitchen design trends reveal so much about society and culture, and that’s why we created this monthly journal. We hope you enjoy it, and we’d love to hear from you!

You’ll still be seeing many of 2018’s big design statements like open shelving, wabi-sabi and colorful cabinetry in full effect. But design is always evolving, so here’s a preview of 2019’s most important emerging kitchen design trends.

Dark + Moody Black Kitchens

Black and deep tones like navy and charcoal have been making kitchen statements for a couple seasons, like in the lead image by Martyn Thompson. Dark hues add gravitas to the kitchen and make the space feel more intimate. …

Maria C. Hunt

Maria Hunt of MH Media is a journalist and content strategist on wellness, design, wine + food. She wrote a champagne cocktail book for Random House.

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