We are who we tell ourselves we can be.

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I’ve never considered myself to be naturally athletic. As a short, sometimes-chunky child who came from a family of similarly non-athletic types, it didn’t seem to be in my DNA. Sports never graced our TV set. My father and brother never sat around watching football, or baseball, or any of the other balling or non-balling sports. We didn’t even watch the Olympics, which seems a bit unpatriotic looking back now and probably was the reason I didn’t share the ice skating and gymnastics dreams other little girls my age dreamed.

But I did live a typical Florida childhood, which meant…

A tale about life, love, and miscarriage.

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“It was a boy.”

Her words came at me without warning, like a punch I didn’t have time to brace myself for. I sat at my desk at work, stunned, my phone pressed tightly to my ear to keep her words from spilling out of my cubicle and down the aisle to my coworkers.

“I’m sorry. I just felt you should know.”

My doctor never asked me if I wanted to know. This wasn’t the first time I’d experienced a miscarriage, but it was the first time I‘d learned the gender. …

The surprising benefits of wearing a face mask in public.

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The first time I put on a face mask and headed inside the grocery store, I felt ridiculous. Still, I swallowed my pride and my self-consciousness and put the thing on. Walking around the store, surrounded by others also wearing masks, felt strange and frightening, like I was a character in a dystopian novel, but my fear of spreading or contracting the virus overrode that feeling.

I’m now two months into the mask-wearing ritual and it’s hard to remember what it felt like to NOT wear a mask in public. …

Are we done yet?

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Virtual school began for my daughters on March 23rd. We have been living the virtual school life for two months now and with only a week left, we are near the finish line. The finish line of what has felt like the longest, slowest race of our lives. And this is one race in which everyone deserves a participation medal.

I applaud our school district’s efforts to create our virtual school from basically nothing. They MacGyvered our distance learning system in two weeks, hobbling together bits and pieces from existing online applications that were part of the school routine already…

How my degradation made me a pawn in another man’s game.

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I was bent over scooping ice out of the large industrial ice machine in the garage. I stood five-foot-one on my best day, so I was precariously perched on my tippy toes, trying to reach the ice in the near-empty bin while desperately trying not to fall in.

He wasn’t saying a word, but I could feel his eyes on me. I tried to take longer than normal filling the ice scoop, hoping he would go away and I wouldn’t have to turn around and meet his gaze. But my fear of falling in kept me from lingering too long…

This mom is over it.

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I love being a mom. I love having two amazing daughters and I’m ridiculously proud of the fact that I had a large part in creating those beautiful humans.

But I don’t love celebrating Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day is not a happy day for everyone. It’s not always the blissful holiday florists, jewelry stores, and greeting card companies would have you believe. For some, Mother’s Day is a painful reminder of the mothers they no longer have in their life, or maybe never had. …

How deeply can you love a child that isn’t yours?

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My youngest daughter is eleven. It’s an age where she teeters between being a little girl who still wants to hold her mommy’s hand and a teenager who would prefer her mother walk six paces ahead on the sidewalk.

I have a teenage daughter as well, so I know the changes that are coming for my youngest. I know how precious and fleeting this in-between time is so I relish every bit of little-kid traits she has left in her.

The other night we managed to convince our kids to watch a family movie with us after dinner, instead of…

As your children change, your traditions need to change along with them.

Photo by Gabe Pierce on Unsplash

I headed into Easter this year already expecting it to be a letdown compared to years past. The coronavirus stay-at-home orders meant we were stuck at home and couldn’t enjoy our typical Easter brunch at a beautiful restaurant with a gorgeous view. It meant we weren’t even able to visit with any family or friends, near or far.

But I have always loved holidays and was determined to find a way make it special and keep as many of our family traditions as possible.

My youngest, age 11, had asked if we could still have an egg hunt. So, my…

How the world of Star Wars entered my heart for life.

Photo by Viktor Forgacs on Unsplash

In 1977 I was six-years-old; a tiny, wild girl and certified beach bum with long, blonde, sun-streaked hair, who rarely wore shoes. I lived a typical seventies childhood, which meant I was largely unsupervised and free to carve out my own unstructured adventures.

It meant I spent my days drinking Mello Yello soda until my teeth ached and watching TV until my brain turned to mush. But that summer, it also meant being under the reluctant care of my big brother.

My 14-year-old brother was left to look after…

How I spent my first wedding anniversary.

photographer: https://meghanrolfephotography.com/

A year ago, my love and I hiked the stunning Black Balsam Knob in North Carolina to exchange vows and officially become Mr & Mrs. Standing on top of that mountain surrounded by such breath-taking beauty made our special day magical.

It was to be the first of the many adventures we planned to take during our marriage. Adventure was the theme of our wedding and we wanted it to be the theme of our life together.

Our goal was to travel as much as we could fit into our lives and budget as a family of four. While we…

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