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Indian women wearing cow masks while protesting against rape

When i was studying at BHSAD last autumn, winter and spring, i got a great advice from my illustration prof Khadia Ulumbekova. She told me that when she left her work as art director and decided to become a professional illustrator, she started a long-term project named “The Illustrated News”. Every day she took an interesting (for drawing) news and made an illustration for it. This project is still alive — and Khadia already co-owns an illustration bureau “Viuga”.

I decided that this is a great practice and i want to try it myself. I will draw in Illustrator/Photoshop. So today is Day 1. The story is about indian women wearing cow masks while protesting against rape (look at the article here —

Hi everyone, my name is Masha and i am now working on becoming a commercial illustrator. This is a long and bumpy road and i would like to share some musings with you.

Now i’m reading very useful book by russian illustrator (based in Berlin) Yana Frank “Secret knowledge on commercial illustrators” and i need to admit that this stuff is just amazing. For 3 years i was drawing and drawing and drawing from nature. And finally i had understood the need for symplifying the style. It’s so uneasy but works are immediately starting to look more stylish and interesting. When i was working in realistic style, i always had a problem with “unfinished look”. Now i understand that this is because of background. If you draw something realistic, you need to add realistic background, otherwise you immediately get this sketchy feeling. Happily, this rule works well. …


Masha Chernoyarova

Becoming an illustrator

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