Create #Multichannel Preview in #INFORMATICA #PIM

Multi-channel Preview Interface in PIM introduces a user to get enriched information about the Products through different channels before the Product is actually Publish. Common Channels like mobile, web-shops etc. Managing the displayed output in a particular channel for the User is the ultimate task of PIM.

So In This blog agenda is to discuss Multi channel Preview Creation.

Best Practices to Create The Preview are as follows :

  • Creating Multichannel Preview.
  • Using Functions that are available
  • Best way to Include Images in the Preview Template
  • Problems to Identify

How to Create Multichannel Preview Template ?

In order to create the Preview, it would be better if we could lock the Preview via ACL Rights so that no other user can get access to that Image until it is being Modified. After locking the Preview follow the following steps from an Existing HTML site :

  • Decide the Target system (e.g webshop ) as the basis for Preview Template.
  • Identify the Object you want to Represent. The object can be anything like it could be a single object, a group of object to be listed or references etc.
  • Download the Page including all the resources it had. Place it in a Local Folder.
  • Open the Downloaded page and make sure it looks exactly the way you want .
  • Check your file in Multiple Browsers Firefox, IE, Google Chrome etc.
  • If in your Content contains sub-modules then Use tag of <tr> <td></td></tr> etc.
  • If everything works well, then Put your HTML static content file into PIM template by attaching it.
Lets Discover Best Practices to Create Multichannel Preview in Informatica PIM