GIMMICKY Content Does Not Drive Long-Term Results — Engaging & High-quality Content Does: CHOICE IS YOURS

“Water, water everywhere — nor, any water to drink” ~ Samuel Taylor Coleridge

This is exactly what’s happening today. There’s an entire sky of information present everywhere — from billboards, magazines, coupons to the-mother-of-all-source-of-information — The Internet!

Google processes over 40000 search results per second on an average rate. The availability of instant information, combined with the fading attention span of users — 4 seconds; is all you need to engage them, or else you’ll loss them forever — it is difficult to engage your target audience.

Many marketers, business owners and strategists are moving towards GIMMICKY content strategies and tactics.

The recent phenomenon of Fake News is the biggest example of gimmick. And they are succeeding too.

People love to consume information from any type of source, without rectifying or analysing their authenticity.

Gimmicky content works, but does not drive long-term results. So, your post complete with only GIFs worked… you were able to attract users. They came and spent a few minutes scanning through your visual content but will they return? Did the content help them in any form? Did you solve their problems? The answer is NO.

Your purpose of attracting your users was fulfilled but you did not look beyond attraction right?

Success of a content or business goal starts with the basic element of Attraction and continues with the rest of the crucial components —

Engage, Convert, Close and Delight.

High-quality, engaging, informative, relevant and ORIGINAL content drives long-term results.

So, what you could not get the required number of Facebook likes, retweets or shares. But your content helped and engaged at least 20 users. Those 20 users are your potential leads. Because they valued your content and stayed put from the INTRO till the CONCLUSION. That’s a big sign that they are interested in your content and business.

So, start converting these users into potential leads and closing the deal!

And if you need help in throwing an awesome Pitch or content, buzz us (Sorry, we had to add a CTA at the end, that’s our strategy ;)