Top 10 Social Media Marketing Tools For Small Business

Can a small business benefit from social media marketing? Can companies use social media to drive sales and acquire customers? Before we get to answering all your questions, here is a snippet of facts related to social media marketing tools and the platform itself.

Social Media Marketing Facts

50 million businesses are active via Facebook Pages
Facebook is used by 2 million advertisers for marketing
Twitter has higher percentage of brand engagement than Facebook
42% consumers get to know about brands through Twitter
75% Pinterest saved Pins are from small businesses
LinkedIn is the top platform for recruiters, accounting for 87%
YouTube accounts to 1 billion active users
Instagram holds the top spot in the Engagement Rate Percentage

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Anyways, the point we are targeting is that Social Media Marketing will benefit small businesses in not just building a brand value, but connecting, conversing and engaging the target audience.

We’ve handpicked top 10 tried-and-tested social media marketing tools, absolutely useful for every small and midsized business.

10 Social Media Marketing Tools For Small Business

These 10 social media marketing tools cover the underlying protocols of the marketing platform –

Attract, Delight, Convert and Close

We have divided this listed into 3 compartments — CONTENT — DISTRIBUTION — ANALYTICS


Social media marketing is all about sharing the most relevant, informative, unique and awesome content with your users. These fours tools will not only help in curating the best content in your respective industries, but also create a shareable and exciting one.

1 — Feedly: We use Feedly to find content from various blogs, companies, and websites. You can use the free version or get an upgrade with an annual subscription of $65. You can access content via your favorite channels, organize and segmentize, share it across different social media platforms. You can also explore interesting and engaging stories.

2 — BuzzSumo: BuzzSumo is — by far — the best content research tool. You can use it for exploring and sharing relevant content on various social media avenues. Not only this, but the tool also provides trending topics and information based on duration, trends, and influencer analysis.

You can search for relevant content from domains, keywords, authors, brands, etc. BuzzSumo also allows marketers to analyze content, competitors and track real-time results.

3 — Evernote: Evernote is an excellent app — available on both Android and iOS. You can write notes, optimize content, store images, upload content from your system, upload files, record audio snippets, archive links and more.

This tool proves to be absolutely handy when it comes to storing content and using it whenever you are in need. The Plus version is available for $3.99/mo and $34.99/year.

4 — Grammarly: Creating content on the whim is an okay deal. But you cannot share one that is bombarded with errors. No, you don’t have to cater to Grammar Fanatics but it is always safe to distribute and publish stories, notes, content in any format when they are error-free.

And that’s when you can completely count on Grammarly. It proofreads and corrects more than 300 errors at one go. For $29/mo it is worth the purchase.

5 — Bitly: When you have a 120-character limitation and an expansive URL, you need help. Bitly shortens URLs and provides click statistics when Bitly links are published on social media.


6 — HootSuite: When you have hundreds of social media account, managing each becomes a daunting task. HootSuite allows users to publish posts to multiple social media platforms. You can add links, hashtags, tag individuals and more. The best thing about using this channel is that you can also schedule posts as per your requirement.

Another plus point about HootSuite is that it also comes with built-in analytics and reporting features. Try out the Trial offer or head straight for the $9.99 / yearly plan.

7 — Medium: Medium is an active blogging and story sharing platform. You can upload original posts, as well as, import stories from different blogs and websites and publish on your account. Add relevant tags to each post and connect with thousands of members from the community. It’s available for free!

8 — Contently: Contently is a free content and story sharing platform. It is easy to use and navigate. Contently is also an ideal channel to explore new opportunities, share new pitches and share your overall work.


9 — Google Analytics: Google Analytics — hands down — is the best reporting and tracking tool. It is available for free and offers numerous features. It can track many sites, monitor multiple social media activities, track user activities on different digital platforms, measure online performance and more.

10 — MozPro: Moz has been a pioneer of SEO. It is a complete SEO and analytics tool. You can monitor Twitter, RSS, blogs, social media sites and other channels for specific keywords, and generate clutter-free social media report.

Start a 30-day Trial or sign-up for a monthly plan between $99 and $599.

***HootSuite is also an ideal tool for analytics. It not only helps in content distribution, but also provides scheduled reports and insights to your social media accounts, campaigns, and content.***

Originally published at on September 23, 2016.