The Confidence Factor: Women vs. Women (my story)
Carol Sankar

“Ironically, what I did not know at the time was that my presence in the firm intimidated her, so she intentionally pushed me out of the firm by focusing on irrelevant issues, such as taking messages. Her method drove me out as I had the additional stress of graduate coursework as well.”

Carol, I have no words to describe how related I feel to this article. I worked in a place where a female co-worker drove me completely insane little by little and since then, this experience got me thinking: If women weren’t raised by society to see each other as competitors (regarding many types of subjects), it would be easier for us to create a better, healthier workplace together. I do my very best to reproduce another kind of behaviour towards my new female co-workers, but this journey can be confusing and sometimes frustrating when I feel they still have a very conservative mindset. I’ll keep trying, though, ’cause I feel that I want to be part of the change. I feel really happy when I see strong women like you encouraging and supporting us on a daily basis. Finding texts like these on a daily/weekly basis is what gives me the strenght to not give up on the fight, and to take care of my self-esteem, so I can be remember myself everyday that I’m also deserving to be a leader.

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