Shivering from the cold winter in a city with no seasons reminds you that you are alive despite weekend thunderstorms that relieved your nightmares. A trembling hand spills some drops of coffee leaving stubborn stains. A few sips of the burning liquid drip down your lips, preparing the tongue to feel its heat and taste its bitterness. Then, the blurred sight becomes slightly clearer, increasing with every sip. The routine is a burden but the show must go on. The pendulum swings as the clock ticks away the time left to get ready for the first subject. Heartbeats begin to accelerate: racing, pounding, fluttering. It ought to be the nerve-wracking excess caffeine. There is no wiggle room for procrastination. All of a sudden, an adrenaline rush makes you jump out of bed, leaving overthinking under the quilt. Your body knows exactly what to do next, each movement is performed passively. You try to catch up your breath as you are jogging up the endless stairs to the classroom, since you are running late. Luckily, the professor, has not arrived yet. The sound of jangling keys indicates he is on his way up from the first floor. He could never walk inside a room without being noticed, in part due to his eccentric style, however, what most distinguishes him is his radiant, huge and contagious smile. Of course, his fancy headphones can never go amiss, for he loves showing off his guttural voice, along with one of the coffee mugs from his collection. His energy is so infectious he seems to be possessed of remarkable stamina, what makes the class engaging. Besides, thankfully, his rhetoric of “not putting students on the spot” relieves stress and anxiety, along with his impressions of movie characters; after all, he is an outstanding writer. There is no denying that he is passionate about research, looking, discovering and creating new ways of teaching and learning a language, the reason why he encourages his students not to only “think outside the box”, but to wreck it and build a boat that will take them to surreal multiverses where short-sighted people are not allowed in. He takes in high (and on his arm) the motto of “never easy”, that requires a great deal of discipline, never casting aside imagination and sensitivity, as they are the main anchors of his craft. Whether he is wearing a pair of shorts or an elegant tuxedo, he authentically speaks his truth and lives according to his values. It is indeed admirable how his classes are always dynamic and oddly fun. Perhaps, this is due to his booster dose of green eggs and ham, which he shares graciously with his pupils. More than a respectable professor, he is an amazing performer, a world-class actor, a terrific voice over artist, and sometimes, even a clown. With a word he can dismantle a blue sad face and paint it pitch black. May the force be with those brave enough to be his padawans: no one really knows which side of the force he is, but what is clear is that he is the master.

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