Life of a Freelancer, Life of Uncertainties and Career Growth

Originally posted at It’s a Writer’s World (my blog).

Prologue: Recently, it has become my thing to attend forums, talks, and meetups with SEO specialists in Manila like me or like-minded freelancers. I’ve longed planned this but it’s only now that I’ve acted on it and for a good reason: I wanted to build my brand.

I don’t really aim to build my own company. UGH, payroll and employee management is a pain in the arse.

I am going for an influencer type of career wherein I’ll be able to share my knowledge about SEO, social media marketing, but most of all content marketing and content writing.

Yeah, this is the reason behind all of those YouTube videos.

I’ve been practicing ;)

In the Philippines, most of us are so reliant on having a full-time job.

Namamasukan as we coined it.

We love the certainty that we’re going to have a paycheck on the 15th and on the 30th. We’re afraid to take risks and have nothing on our hands.

When I attended a Freelancer Forum a few months back hosted by Freelancing Philippines, one of the speakers is a Irish social entrepreneur Mike Grogan who have expressed his confidence in the Filipino talent. But sadly, not many Filipinos realize that they could dominate this market. Again, it all boils down to not having that confidence to step out of the box and take risks.

One of my clients, a Canadian, also feels like if web developers here would just have the confidence to take a leap and start their own firm, the Philippines could have their own Silicon Valley.

Hence, the 300 years of oppression from the Spaniards.

Plus some years under the Americans.

And a little Japanese on the side.

Filipinos don’t have an idea anymore how to be independent.

We lost that confidence in our talent and we feel like we’re not as superior as these foreigners are. When in fact, it is us who has the most resources, we have the most talent, and the most critical mind. We just refuse to accept the challenge because we’re scared of the unknown.

Like a kid who wants their moms and pops around to do sh*t for them.

Stepping into Full-Time Freelancer

You wouldn’t believe how happy I was that day when I quit my full time day job to be a work-from-home mom. If I would have it any other way, I wouldn’t change a thing. Going freelancer has been the best GROWN UP decision I made.

But, f*ck. It’s not the easiest thing in the world.

All those jokes they say about Freelancing,

the uncertainty of if your next paycheck gets paid OR not.

If you still have a contract with a client after this month, OR NOT.

Or if he’s scamming you and you’re placing all of your efforts into his project.

The risks are real.

But at the end of the day, we are more flexible.

There is a lot more area for growth when you’re a freelancer. Since basically, you’re a one man team, oftentimes, you don’t have a team mate you can bother to help you get sh*t done.

You have to be resourceful and you’re forced to do things on your own.

And since you’re not stuck to a 9 to 5 job, the pressure is off your back. You are free to use your time the way you wish to do. Less pressure + freedom = the perfect breeding ground for creativity.

So yeah, maybe the uncertainty is real. And yep, maybe I won’t be earning a full paycheck tomorrow.

But the fact that I have learned so much more in this career as compared to being in the corporate world, I wouldn’t want it any other way.