Michael Tavon — God is a woman | Book review

Well, this was an interesting one. I must admit that with such an enticing tittle I expected a much richer book, let me tell you why.

This book is raw and I mean it in to ways: first because of what happens in it and what characters go through, which I love, and in second place because I think the writing should be more… refined? I don’t mean fancy but just a better selection of the words. Conveying the same rough situation through more carefully chosen language.

To make a long story short, I enjoyed reading this book, the very real story of a young man living a very difficult life but pulling through with the help (and in spite) of the people the people that surround him, more specifically the women in his life.

If interested in checking out the book and/or other people’s opinions about it, I will now post the Goodreads description for the it and the link to go see the whole thing.

From growing up in an abusive household to becoming a dejected adult, Price Jones found himself drowning in a sea of alcohol and one night stands, to fill the void of loneliness. The suicidal novelist is yearning for love more than ever before. His spiraling love life comes to a halt when an old flame saves his life.

This is a story about how the support of a strong woman can help a man restore confidence, improve his lifestyle, and mental well being. God is a Woman.