Bumo:The Ubiquitous Trust Network.


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The Problem


Bitcoin was the hope of many to create decentralized communities, that is, they could bypass government monitoring by allowing people to participate freely in the area they are interested in.
However, in the beginning many people were swindled because they believed in fictitious platforms that promised them countless profits in a short time.
Although the blockchain is revolutionizing the world and is the technology of the future there are still different challenges that have discouraged the masses to participate in this financial system, since many users have little knowledge and the language is difficult to understand because there is certain knowledge that must be manipulated before participating in the system.
In addition, there are no structures for local and community currencies and encourage the growth of the blockchain to the general public.
As a solution we need a reliable platform, where people can make transactions easily and can maximize the potential of financial value, encouraging communities to tokenize and use the technology already present in all things.



What is Bumo?

It is a platform that uses the latest generation based on blockchain. The application is decentralized and speeds up multiple transactions according to its double layer algorithm, besides it plans different chains to perform transactions in a heterogeneous way.
Bumo is the next generation of value network, it reduces the cost of your transactions so that there are greater profits in the business and economic models in which it is developed, it allows 10000 p/s and in addition its platform is intuitive and simple.

BUMO wants companies that implement it can use a chain of next-generation blocks for ubiquitous value transfer and thus have a high performance.
The ubiquitous value transfer allows all assets to be tokenized in an easy way as well as encourages communities to grow within the blockchain by creating local currencies and giving value to any asset they wish. It also encourages members to propose ideas to obtain funds and vote on ideas.

“BUMO’s vision is to create a next generation blockchain for ubiquitous value transfer, which is ready for enterprises to use in high performance.”


BUMO wants to connect digital assets by establishing
a trusted network within the block chain connecting also to intelligent devices and user data.
The ecosystem that is planned to be built using Bumo’s technology is a decentralized and value ecosystem of free flow and digital confidence.


How does it work? What are the key differences of BUMO?

Basically Bumo differs from other blockchain because :

BUMO allows any asset to be tokenized and users can easily access their projects and contribute ideas about them, allowing the community to grow within the blockchain and its transaction speed makes it one of the fastest within the ecosystem of crypto currencies.
The economic stability and confidence it offers to companies and users in general allows there to be exponential growth of the network and the customers perform better giving value to their economy.
Trust is the most important thing within the users of the blockchain.
Bumo has a double layer consensus protocol that allows homogeneous and heterogeneous interaction between several blockchains and the most important thing is scalable.

BUMO is autonomous and intuitive
BUMO interconnects the physical world with the digital world, any device can enjoy the network as a node, develop applications, perform maintenance and give value to the economy in a ubiquitous and scalable way.

For some large enterprises who have scalability, security and performance concerns about implementing blockchain, BUMO could help of different way

Scalability can be defined as a company’s ability to offer the same solution to a gigantic number of consumers without losing the characteristics of the product or service sold. At the same time, the business practically does not affect operating costs.

Bumo offers solutions that improve the ability to meet the demands of the market in companies. In addition to management software, which is essential to make a scalable enterprise, systems online care, optimization of dApps, reception of the company and other developments and tokenization of assets are essential to speed operation.

Bumo identifies the obstacles that exist in the operations of the companies and thus can eliminate the barriers that prevent the company from becoming more efficient. It offers solutions and alternatives, usually contributing enough to clean its structure and give more speed to the work.

In a digital world, the security and speed of data is important because the financial market bases a great part of its activity on the accomplishment of transfers and movements of funds, which implies a great interest for the security and privacy and above all the speed of the same ones, as well as to maintain a register of the movements that is accessible and reliable by the participants. And this is where Bumo can bring great value to the business.

Bumo not only eliminates the inefficiencies inherent in today’s payment systems, but improves them. Some examples of how Bumo could improve traditional means of payment are:

  • Liquidations almost in real time. The problem of time spent on settlements in all types of transactions has been a concern and a problem to be solved. Real-time settlement capabilities already exist, but often at a cost that makes them impracticable in most transactions.
  • Reduction of risks. Faster settlements not only mean faster access to funds, but also reduce the risk that funds will not be available in the time from the time the transaction is approved until the goods or services are delivered.
  • Reduced fraud: Once settlement is created, the blocks in the chain cannot be changed. Transactions verified in a block cannot be reversed.
  • Reduction of costs. Traditional payment systems are expensive to maintain and require the connection between multiple parties to perform a single transaction. By consolidating these parties with Bumo, commissions are eliminated and the cost of payments is reduced.
  • Redundancy. Bumo reduces the potential risk of network failure since all operating mechanisms are redundant across network participants.

Bumo was born to create better payment systems and an increase in the value of the economy, reliability and transparency, in addition to greater business growth.

How to participate?

BUBI Code Review Bounty Program, hosted by BUBI Tech Community, aims at calling for developers from all over the world to join “code review” and receive a great reward.
The BUMO Global Ambassadors Project takes the initiative to attract Community Leaders, Blockchain Industry Expert and KOLs to join the global ecosystem of BUMO, and become the cornerstone in the worldwide expansion of BUMO ecosystem.

Case of use


Jhon is a dentist, owner of a dental clinic and he is always looking to be up to date with the latest technology, in the world of blockchain and the world of cryptomedas. John’s clinic is getting fame, and many patients are going to it. Jhon has tried to integrate blockchain technology to have a record of their patients at any time, plus patients have control over their own medical information, allowing the secure exchange of medical records between the patient and their doctors and between the doctors themselves. Jhon is desperate to find ways to encourage the participation of his community. Researching on the network he got [Bumo](https://www.bumo.io/) , where he can install and program a Bumo template for patients and doctors to have more and better communication between them, plus his medical practice charges them in jhoncoin a token created by him through the Bumo network encouraging the community to come to his clinic and earn tokens for visits or referrals.

Bu token

BU Token value is based on two factors: 1) the quantity of BU consumed as fuel in the BUMO network and 2) the ability to participate in BUMO community governance by holding onto BU.

The Team

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