Bumo:The Ubiquitous Trust Network.

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The Problem


What is Bumo?

It is a platform that uses the latest generation based on blockchain. The application is decentralized and speeds up multiple transactions according to its double layer algorithm, besides it plans different chains to perform transactions in a heterogeneous way.
Bumo is the next generation of value network, it reduces the cost of your transactions so that there are greater profits in the business and economic models in which it is developed, it allows 10000 p/s and in addition its platform is intuitive and simple.


How does it work? What are the key differences of BUMO?

Basically Bumo differs from other blockchain because :

  • Reduction of risks. Faster settlements not only mean faster access to funds, but also reduce the risk that funds will not be available in the time from the time the transaction is approved until the goods or services are delivered.
  • Reduced fraud: Once settlement is created, the blocks in the chain cannot be changed. Transactions verified in a block cannot be reversed.
  • Reduction of costs. Traditional payment systems are expensive to maintain and require the connection between multiple parties to perform a single transaction. By consolidating these parties with Bumo, commissions are eliminated and the cost of payments is reduced.
  • Redundancy. Bumo reduces the potential risk of network failure since all operating mechanisms are redundant across network participants.

How to participate?

Case of use

Bu token

The Team


More Information and Resources

BUMO Website
BUMO WhitePaper
BUMO TechnicalPaper
BUMO Telegram
BUMO Weibo
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BUMO Facebook
BUMO Twitter
BUMO Github
BUMO Wallet




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