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The concept of liquidity has many facets. One way to define liquidity is the ability of an asset to be converted into cash in another currency, easily, at will and on demand. Another way of looking at it is when any asset can be bought or sold at its fair price, with no surprises or delays in settlement.
There are several web platforms that allow you to trade these assets, there are exchanges that operate on market principles and there is a platform that offers a buy and sell price for anyone who wants to buy these assets. However, many of them do not offer a good return for the users.
OnePage was born out of this need.

What is OnePageX?

OnePageX is a platform that offers a tool for the conversion of crypto currencies, allowing the user to exchange their active crypto in a simple and transparent way, also that supports many online currency exchanges.


The advantages that this company offers us are multiple: we do not need to be logged in a centralized exchange, the risk of theft of our funds disappears, we can send the funds directly to our purse, the volatility of any currency is minimized, it does not compete against bots of speculative traders, it does not risk price movements in the process of transferring our currencies to the exchanges, we do not need to place orders that may not be fulfilled.

The beta is live! Users can already use OnePageX to start converting!

What are the fees?


Crypto currency exchanges have become a juicy business for those who trade them due to the high commissions they charge.
“OnePageX charges 0.5% along with a small network fee on all transactions. All fees are included in the estimate shown.”

How it works?

  1. Choose the currency you want to convert.
  1. Enter a withdrawal address.

3.Click “Start Exchange”

A card will appear with a deposit address. Simply deposit to that address and you are done.

How long does an exchange take?

Most transactions are completed in 25 minutes. Your deposit must be confirmed and depends on the asset, blocking chain congestion and the fee paid.

What do the status messages mean?

There are different status while the transaction is happening.

I have not received my transaction. What’s going on?

You must wait a convenient time to ensure that you have not received your transactions. You can see the status of your operations in the status column. The status is a live representation of the current status of your trade. Normally this happens because the deposit has not yet been confirmed. If the transaction takes more than an hour you should write to their email, which you can find here, to avoid inconvenience.

OnePageX Widget & Integration

OneBox is a turnkey solution for embedding OnePageX on your website. Visit the OneBox link via the navigation bar and simply copy the provided code into your template.


Braulio is a crypto-enthusiast, he has been working at steemit for a long time and has a lot of Steem saved in his wallet, however he needs to make a purchase with another currency and must change it easily and quickly, looking in the network is with OnePageX, an exchange platform, with low commissions to help you in your work, does not need registrations and makes more profits than with other platforms. Now Braulio can make multiple transactions with different assets quickly, anonymously and reliably. OnePageX is the solution to his problems.

In conclusion OnePageX offers you the easiest way to exchange your assets with the confidence that you need.

Look at this video of use case, and you will love OnePageX

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