How to Illustrate Children’s Books in 5 Easy Steps

Every person who has thought of writing a book at some point might still have the flair and knack of bringing his or her stories to life. It does sound like something that is far off since not every individual with the same passion can become a writer but if followed correctly, writing can completely transform one’s career goals. However, before one begins to write something, a blog post or a storybook, the writer should know what exactly he is writing along with who his target audience is.

Starting with a new field is taxing at first and that would surely make you nervous but breaking the barriers of accepting change is what yields one to success. If you are eager to build your career as an illustrator for children’s book then you would need to know a few things. The best advice an aspiring illustrator can get for the future growth of this career is what we have compiled in this article.

Get the right inspiration

The inspiration you need for compiling content for a children’s book can be taken from almost anywhere. It could be a song or an interesting movie you watched a few days ago but the inspiration you take from it should befit the preferences and reading needs of young readers. Before you begin to write, you should know the audience you are curating the content for. However, since children prefer less textual content and more pictures, try to keep your focus on children’s book illustration the most.

Keep practicing and trying

One should know that the first draft you shall create might not be a perfect one and that is entirely fine. You will not be held accountable for a first unsuccessful try but that does not mean you have to give up on it completely. Keep trying and practicing to hone your drawing skills better. When you draw regularly, you will find your own drawing niche that fits the reading preferences of the readers. Whenever you get the time, sketch anything that relates to the book you are writing. It could be a rough sketch or a full-fledged draft but just do not stop practicing.

Results won’t be generated overnight

A career path as a book writer or an illustrator cannot be attained overnight. One has to exert many efforts and have a firm dedication to building a successful career in their field of choice. This notion is dependent upon how persistent the person is. If you are persistent to move your career towards success then your passion and dedication for it can help you achieve your goal easily. When you keep on drawing and coming up with new ideas, it will not take you long to build and enhance your very own style.

Select from a traditional or digital style

The traditional methods of illustration creation used to rely on sketching and hand-drawn artwork but it is not an easy tip for beginners. Software programs and tools such as Adobe Illustrator have simpler and easier options for drawing. At times, these tools even contain pre-defined templates that you can just customize and personalize according to your liking. However, if you are making a rough draft then a hand-drawn sketch would be a good choice but not for a full-fledged drawing.

Pay heed to intricate details

Hidden and intricate details are easier to find in pictures or drawings. You can hide a subliminal message in a sentence and an adult can find it but a child cannot. You can take full advantage of this concept by paying attention to little and intricate details in your illustration. Hide messages or designs that can only spark the imagination of young readers. The idea of adding details does wonders to improve the readability levels of books. The feeling and thought of something interesting hidden in a picture is surely a rewarding thought for children and it can be taken advantage of for books.


Now that you know what is required to earn success as an illustrator with the tips we have mentioned here, you should know what the next step should be. Simply practice and keep on drawing until you earn the repute and stature a professional illustrator upholds.