3 Exciting Fashion and Style Apps For 2016

With the advent of Android technology and the provision of millions of apps the people have more access to the things which are of value to the men and women. Men like to find work related apps or games and music while women like to take a look at the latest trends in dresses, jewelry etc. Some of the Fashion and style apps are mentioned as under:

Jewelry Designs 2016

The app created by Brilliant Innovators is all about the latest trends in jewelry designs whether in gold or diamond both designs are available in wide variety. The diamond ring designs or earring designs are most commonly used by people or diamond set designs for brides, or for wedding gifts. Various gold designs of rings, earrings and necklaces are presented in new and different designs which cannot be found elsewhere. The designs are intricate as well as delicate in nature and enhance the beauty of the design beads or stones are also studded for the satisfaction of the user. The Casual party wear or formal wear designs of necklaces and earrings or the whole sets are available to be given to any jeweler for copying the design. The designs can be enlarged to have a closer look at them. Overall the app is a major hit among people who have a deep interest in jewelry items.

Stylish Dress Designs

The app designed by Brilliant Innovators has the most stylish designs of dresses following the trends in fashion. Nowadays men and women like to wear stylish trendy clothing that has an impact on their personality. The app holds latest and stylish dress designs in casual, formal, Eid collection, or summer wear that includes unique lawn prints as well as designs in women kurtas or embroidered designs on the shirt and sleeves etc. Men’s kurta designs are available for wedding or occasions like Eid or family dinners or lunches etc. Kurtas for men are usually lightly embroidered with delicate and fine designs that enhance the richness of the fabric.

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Women’s kurtas and shalwar kameez designs are also presented in various ways like the embroidered front is matched with a slight printed back of the shirt. The designs are latest and are not repeated elsewhere; also the designs can be zoomed in and out to have clarity with ease. The app is a powerhouse of dress designs that has received positive reviews from the users.

Mehndi Designs 2016

The app developed by Brilliant Innovators has the most updated version of mehndi designs which are not available on any other app as the designs are not only latest but are not repeated as well. The mehndi designs include Pakistani mehndi designs, Arabic mehndi designs, Indian mehndi designs, Bridal mehndi designs for hands and feet, Party mehndi designs, traditional mehndi designs and much more. The tradition of applying mehndi on the palms of the hands has become very common and almost all the women like to adorn their hands with mehndi applied in the form of stylish designs. The app has everything the children, young girls, ladies and mothers can benefit from. The designs can be zoomed in and out to have a closer look at them. The designs can be set as favorite by tapping the star button on the design and it gets saved onto the favorites section. The app has all the latest designs of mehndi and has been receiving positive feedback from users.


Download the above mentioned apps to stay updated with the latest dress, jewelry and mehndi designs. The apps feature a good collection of dresses, jewelry and mehndi etc.