4 Addictive Puzzle Games For Killing Time on Your Phone

Puzzle word games are one of the best way to spend free time. We have rounded some of the most popular Android search word puzzle games available in the Google Play Store. This tests your puzzle solving skills, sheer reflexes and trivia knowledge. There are a number of in-app purchases available in these word search challenge games to offer plenty of free content on their own. Ready to play with letters? Check out the following puzzle word games on Android:

Word Search

Word Search is one of the most addictive free top sliding search word puzzle games for the brain teasers. Like the most puzzle word games, it is about searching words in English language. When looking to improve the memory and sharpen your brain with the brain teasing puzzles, consider playing the search word puzzle games for challenging your friends. You can also check the mind skills by playing these puzzle games for free. Word Search puzzle games by Brilliant Innovators is perfect for training your mind with logical thinking. The word search challenge games are a nice mixture for all age groups such as adults and children looking for an easy, medium and a high difficulty of play. The search word puzzle games are a perfect match for those looking for the logical word search challenge games.


Wordament is an online multiplayer game in the category of search word puzzle games which helps you compete with spellings all across the globe. Use the swipe functionality to connect with letters in different directions such as diagonal, horizontal and vertical. Rotate the board to see the different combinations in these puzzle word games. However, the letter placement does not change compared to other word search challenge games letters. Add your Xbox or Facebook account to trace friends and progress when moving up the leaderboard. The game does not use a lot of ads.

Words with Friends

Words with Friends is another popular game in the niche of search word puzzle games since 2009. The puzzle word games start off by putting a letter on the center of a tile to build words. It also uses triple letter scores and double letter scores similar to Scrabble, another popular game in the category of word search challenge games. Swap the unwanted tiles in place a turn. The built-in dictionary will help you about the words that you can and can not play.

When playing the puzzle word games, you can share a picture of the game board through a game menu option mostly missing in the other word search challenge games. You can also remove the ads at $12.38. But it is better to deal with the ad that pops-up after each turn in these search word puzzle games.


Wordfeud is about challenging your opponents similar to scrabble unlike the other puzzle word games. The word is revealed on the center tile from where you can build your vocabulary. You can consider playing one versus one when the competition is not strong enough. Wordfeud is also available in a tournament mode unlike the other word search challenge games. Login to Facebook or email address to have a go at the rest of the world. The game is available in more than 30 languages. An in-app purchase is also available at $2.99 for removing ads unlike the other word search challenge games. This is not a bad idea if you like tracking progress.


These are some of the best search word puzzle games available on Android. You can play these word search challenge puzzle games to have fun with your friends and family. The puzzle word games will sharpen your logical skills.

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