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Urdu face is one of the best alternative to Google Play Store which contains hundreds of ads free quality android apps and games. These categories include a range of iOS and android apps and games from racing, action and adventure, warfare, virtual reality and much more.

What is Urdu Face?How this is Best alternative to Google Play Store?

Urduface is top alternative to Google Play Store which contains thousands of ad free top android apps and games. This ranges from racing, action, warfare, virtual reality & much more. It serves as an official apps collection for android device users like Google Play. Users can download all types of apps and games from Urduface. Apps available at Urduface are free of cost and can be accessed worldwide. It is the largest leading Android App Store of Pakistan and currently being downloaded by 100 Million+ users monthly. Users can enjoy free and direct download of android apps and games with Full Apk File!

What is the basic theme behind Urdu face? How it is different from Google Play Store? was launched by Jolta Group of Technologies in March 2016. The basic theme behind this app store is that it targets users having android and iOS devices including smart phones and devices. Now you don’t need to make a Google account and use the Google Store. For Urduface you are not required to make any email account. Secondly, the developers behind this app have targeted the majority of people of Pakistan, who are only able to converse in the national language of Urdu. Urduface has numerous apps to help you learn English, translate Urdu to English and vice versa and even view the current and latest news in your national language.

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How Urduface is more beneficial then Google Play for Users?

There are several app stores available form where you can download iOS games and apps. Urduface offers a unique advantage to its users. Firstly no need to get into the hassle of making a new email account. Secondly Urdu Face is completely free of cost not just for the apps users but for designers as well. Developers can list their apps for free here.

Due to its distinctive appeal, Urdu Face is gaining more potential customers and certainly increasing daily downloads.

How Urduface Works?

You can simply browse online and download it on your smart phone or tablets. Its free, uncomplicated and has a vast collection of diverse apps. You can browse this app store and download useful apps about any topic and games pertaining to any genre. It is compatible with both iOS and android support devices.


There are many stores in the market regarding android and iOS apps but urduface is one of the best and top alternative for the iOS and Android developers to submit their apps and Games on Play store and these all features are free of cost.

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